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Xbox 360 sprint mode hacked???

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Allan Sinclair, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Just wondering of anyone else has noticed this. I just tried maybe 10 races online and everytime it felt like a grip cheat, in my last attempt I was racing at catalunya and on the first lap p1 time was 1:15.xxx lol in the second lap they done a 1:10.... Guess they figured out how to hack xbox online mode :(
  2. did about 20 odd sprint races tonight accross diffent hosts and all was fine, did about 5 at barca and was setting normal lap times arround 1:21-1:22,
  3. Hmm maybe I just got in to a few dodgy races, just thought it was unusual as it was about 10 in a row
  4. possibly ive been in monaco races where times were like 1:05 which is 10 + seconds faster than normal
  5. I did a sprint race at silverstone last night, only 3 of us. I was just behind the leader all of the way, he was quicker than me and pulling away slowly, at the end of the 2nd sector on lap 3 it said I was down by 7 seconds, finished the race and it said I was a lap down, that was odd, not seen that before, adn I certainly wasn't lapped.
  6. Weird s**t can happen on any platform.

    Im PC - had a race which I clearly won, but when the results came up, not only was I 2nd place, but I was +1 lap.
  7. This is true I suppose, I have been having some connection trouble recently, which is odd, as the previous 2-3 months I've had no bother.
  8. On a slightly related note, when you go into the ps3 leaderboard laptimes in time trial mode, some of the no. 1 lap times are 5 seconds ahead of 2nd place. and 2nd place is like 3 or 4 seconds behind 3rd place. Is this correct?

    Are these genius racers? How on earth have they raced that fast?

    I think the tracks I looked up were montral, catalunya, istanbul, monaco and melbourne
  9. He probably cut corners without getting disqualified.
  10. I have one problem like this. On career or gp i do 1.15.xxx on montreal... in multiplayer the timer stopped at 1.41.xxx -.-
    wtf happens ???
  11. This has existed in all codemasters racing games that I have played online, especially GRID, its clearly a cheat you will see them parked up with their car in ruins, then they will fly past you as a ghost on the final laps and finish in first.