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Xbox 360 Patch

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Robert McCoy, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. So is there not going to be a patch for 360, so nice that ps3 and pc users got theres, what the hell, i really enjoy this game but it needs the patch... not sure why we have not received it yet not cool guess i'll be trading in this game...BUMMER!!!!!:mad:
  2. Ok, so theres a few glitches in the game but 'trading it in'???

    Ive been playing online and had some fanatstic races. The game is brill even with the odd bug.
  3. yes its coming, and the fixes for the 360 are on CM forum, but wasnt the game out later on the 360?
  4. no they came out at the same time. it's getting held up from Microsoft as far as I'm aware, the patch was submitted about a week ago from memory.

    stop crying please?! it's a first release of a game that hasnt been touched for years, what did you expect?
  5. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    For clarity, this is my understanding.

    There IS an xbox patch on the way, albeit delayed. This is for 2 reasons from what I an tell.
    1) The new xbox dashboard released on 1/11/10,
    2) k'nect or whatever it is released 4/11/10 (tomorrow).

    Obviously Microsoft are making sure their exclusive to xbox new software and new hardware are stable and working for everyone first, before releasing a patch for a multi-platform game. In all honesty if you were Microsoft, you would be checking out your stuff first, then 3rd party software after. They have been planning their releases for months longer than codemasters have the patch, it's unfortunate that the two happen to clash, but that's life.

    I wouldn't trade your game in just yet. More the fool you if you do, as you will have certainly lost money as a result. Keep the game, play it to death then trade it in.

    The issues with the game are not that big a problem to me, most have a work around. I personally haven't been bitten by any bugs in this game on my 360. It's not worth trading in over what is overall a great game.
  6. Patch did come out now i can save my games with out them corrupting... And i think no one in here is crying was just wondering, mit may be fun for guys that can go through and do a whole season in one sitting i can not so i can actually save my game and have cars actually do a pit stop!!!!
  7. Is there any way to patch the game without being connected to LIVE? I mean, downloading somehow the patch on PC and "installing" it on the X360?
    Would be great.
  8. I am not to sure sorry..
  9. even i was looking for tat kinda solution..
  10. Personal opinion on xbox 360.
    The patch appears to have been rushed out, just like the game.
    The same problems, which are fundamental to the game remain(plus some new patch bugs).
    Fuel sim hasn't been fixed, this subject has been covered on many forums, CM have not responded to any of the questions asked about this serious issue.
    I still get held in the pitbox, whilst all the drivers i passed on track, pass me in the pit lane. I always play over 30% to try and give me space, but i still get held in, even if a car is leaving his pitbox, halfway down the pit lane.
    The frame rate drops on some corners.
    Cars will now move out of the way, when they are on a lap in/out. But as soon as you pass them, they start racing you and sometimes will run you off the track.
    No 3rd sector times on timing screen, i mean for goodness sake, how are you supposed to set your car up, when you dont know what part of the track you are faster or slower than the opposition.
  11. Got my update today, and BINGO! My gamesave worked again. And I thought I'd have to start over again (I was 16 races into season 1).
  12. Patch is really good!!!
  13. From my point of view the patch is a bit of a joke... yes, the new wet weather conditions are very nice and quite stunning but nevertheless the biggest problem remains: the pit crew still are way to sensible when it comes to releasing the car, short races are still destroyed by them waiting on the other cars to have exited the pit lane before they are going to release you.
  14. ok we all know games are rushed out and yes there needs to be fixes but come on its the best f1 game released in years and is awesome fun both in single player and multiplayer online etc.
    to be honest i dont seem to have had any of the problems that you are going on about.
  15. What are the expierences with the patch for the xbox??? Any problems like with the pc version??? I finally got bit by the corrupted save bug at Monza, season 1 with Lotus :frown:
    Hoping to get xbox live soon.

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