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Xbox 360 Controller Settings 2016/2017

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Setups' started by gdubmx, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. gdubmx


    Sometimes when i can not be arsed to set up the wheel and wheelstand pro i just wanna kick back with a gamepad and play!
    So after weeks of tweaking and frustration i finally have something i am happy with and hopefully you can too..

    This guide is by no means from a "pros" perspective, this is simply a base to start without the absolute dogs*** default xbox settings Rfactor 2 gives you.
    Just copy what i have laid out here:

      • Steering Rate : 5%
      • Speed Sensitivity : 85%
      • Steering Sensitivity : 0%
      • Steering Deadzone : 0%
    The rest of the settings are all subjective to you personally. And of course this is a proper simulator so you still need to apply the same laws of subtle inputs with regards to your analog sticks.

    The key configuration is entirely up to you and you can map these how you like.

    This guide is purely to help you with a more controllable steering setup for your game and hopefully not rage quit after the first corner.. :)
  2. FS7


    Personally I don't like controller settings with such low sensitivity settings. After lots of testing I set my rF2 Xbox 360 controller settings to:
    Steering rate: 50%
    Speed sensitivity: 50%
    Steering wheel range: 360 deg
    Steering sensitivity: 50%
    Steering deadzone: 20%
    I'm a fairly smooth driver so those settings work well for me.
  3. Giorgos Kostis

    Giorgos Kostis

    Do you have by any chance some settings for xbox ONE controller?
  4. Lazaros Filippakos

    Lazaros Filippakos

    I would agree to the first post but i would change the steering range. If you keep it default you are still going to overheat the tyres like mad and you will be on a disadvantage especially at endurance events. And yes, it works the same for xbone controller also.
  5. Rini Braat

    Rini Braat