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Xbox 360 Controller Advanced Settings (PC)

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Philipp Koch, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. yeah hello I Play F1 2012 on the PC *thanks for modding XD*

    the problem is that i have issues with the advanced wheelsettings for my XBOX 360 gamepad

    has anyone a good setup for driving well with this gamepad?
    would be very proud for any answers :)

    greetings From Germany and good drive on the track :D
  2. anyone ?? :(
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    "Anyone can help me" as a thread title is too generic so it gets overlooked. Try to put the actually subject as the title please.

    Maybe some tips from last year might help? Will update the thread title and hopefully somebody has the golden solution for you ;)
  4. okay :D sorry when the Title was not good enought ^^ i look i this thread from you maybe good setting in it :D

    greetings and thanks
  5. I've found with a gamepad (PS3 controller emulated to an XBox 360 controller using MotionInJoy's DS3 toop) that increasing the linearity helps a lot at getting more precise steering. Try putting it up to 50% and see how you like it; adjust from there to your liking.
  6. +1
  7. playing with logitech game pad: deadzone 1, saturation 5, linearity 35..works fine and smooth afte a couple of laps;)

  8. well is that for Xbox360 PC-Gamepad aswell or only for PS3 pad?
  9. All gamepads, and wheels as well I presume, can have their 'linearity' adjusted.
  10. I tried one of the advanced wheelsettings from 2011 RDforum posted by Christopher Woods and it works fine for me. Car is less twitchy in the straights.

    Advanced wheelsettings
    Steering Deadzone: 8%
    Steering Saturation: 0%
    Steering Linearity: 100%
    Throttle Deadzone: 15%
    Throttle Saturation: 8%
    Brake Deadzone: 15%
    Brake Saturation: 2%

    Override input device - Gamepad
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  11. I use an xbox for windows controller but i found that the steering responsiveness was awful, and if i wanted full lock in an instant (e.g. monaco chicanes) then it would take almost a second for the game to turn the wheel.
    I got over this by changing 'override input device type' to 'steering wheel' It makes the steering much more responsive but its really sensitive at first. but you get used to it after a couple of laps.
  12. I sometimes are too lazy to connect my G25 to pc and i also use Xbox360 gamepad.
    I have found that great steering deadzone is between 16-24% I at the moment use default 20% and i found it the best for me. that is only thing i chance.

    EDIT: i also chanced the X-button to Gear UP and A-button to Gear Down.
  13. hmm well i try it out looks good this setting ^^
  14. well that program doesn't work for me :( i do not know why program say's Controller not connected ^^
  15. The DS3 tool can be finicky to get set up; took me quite a bit of trial and error when I first started. However, if you can connect your XBox 360 controller to your computer and use it as is, there's no need to use the DS3 tool program.

    willjackson had an interesting comment about overriding the input type to a wheel to get full lock when you want it - I'll have to try that later.
  16. This is working great for me with the x360 controller thx !!!!!!
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  17. Just tried this today with my PS3 controller on PC w/DS3 tool - works amazingly! Great corner control and less jittery on the straights.
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  18. yeah i tested with Xbox360 Pad and it's very much better driving on the track and i think i have now more oversteer what a good point is for me :D
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  19. These are the pretty much the best settings for the xbox controller on pc. Thank goodness it is more or less the same as my F1 2011 settings!
  20. Hi guys! I have the Advanced Wheel Settings locked in my game. I'm running with Xbox 360 gamepad for pc. Anyone have a clue about this?