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X-Sim3 moving AC already

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by museumsteve, Feb 24, 2013.

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  1. Good but i want simvibe,any word for that?
  2. Atm x-sim is the only possibility. As I know from the Kunos forum simvibe will not be possible right now with all functions.? Yaw, roll and pitch are missing and will be needed for simvibe.
  3. Is it expected that there will be full SimVibe compatibility by the time AC is released? It was indicated a while ago that AC would be fully compatible with SimVibe, or at least be able to output all of the data that it needed.
  4. @ The Moog - I don't know. But I am pretty sure it is just a question of time. Ac just released a tech_preview not the complete game. Give AC and simvibe some time to get the needed data.

    BUT x-sim³ has the second version of the plugin ready ;):
    You know that x-sim³ supports shakers using the telemetry too? In the Interface section you will find the bassshaker plugin with this you can assign single effects like lateral, longitudinal forces, curbs or bumps or whatever to your shakers.

    Best regards
    Mirco Lohmann
  5. I wouldn't be so quick to brag about being first with AC motion support.

    We decided not to implement it until we could work more closely with Kunos to implement a higher quality solution that includes all of the necessary data.

    Anyone who has implemented support at this point for motion or tactile has chosen to implement a poor quality solution rather than working with the game creator to sort out something better.

    I feel it is in the best interest of SimXperience customers that we not release based on the API that is designed for iPad devices as competing softwares have done.

    Soon I think that there will be an option for faster data outputs that are not varying with frame rate and also for more data (the data that is needed to properly calculate motion and SimVibe)

    For those waiting for SimVibe and SimXperience support, I think you'll find the wait to be worthwhile :)
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  6. Some of us have paid to use x-sim3 and some have paid for simxperience products...I've done both, so would take any opportunity to 'move' something like AC at the earliest chance. It's no different from people wanting to play a one track, one car demo of AC rather than wait for more content, in this 'game' people dont want to wait :cool:
  7. I edited my reply to help it make more sense for you. I can see how that could be misconstrued as an attack but was not meant to be.

    Really, I just feel its not in our customers best interests for us to build motion support off of the API designed for slower iPad devices as others have.

    In this case, I prefer to error on the side of quality rather than being first.
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  8. One of the problems with motion and SimVibe is that once you've started using it on racers it's hard to go without it, that's how I find it anyway. I'll take anything..and if nothing's available I'll get the girlfriend round to shake and kick my seat when I'm driving :thumbsup: