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WTCC 2007 - Mid Ohio - Chicane version

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Attila Domján, Jun 14, 2008.

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  1. Love this track, floating, fast, technical, now i only have to put together a good setup for it since the current still sucks, gear ratios especially... lol

    1:29.4 so far with the Chevy normal practise mode, fuel and tyre wear on.
  2. This is a sweet track. TA mode after about 5 or 6 laps = 131.753 in my "beloved" Honda" with my Valencia setup. Need to work on the setup for those hills.
  3. This course is Awesome! took about 14 laps with a slight tweek of my Zandvoort setup - managed a 129.655.
    This was in practice mode with no tire wear.

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  4. so far i pushed the good old honda down to 1.30.2xx
    but lot of room for improvment :)
  5. Cristian Haba

    Cristian Haba
    #555 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs Premium Member

    Lots of fun this track and it's super quality as always from Virtua LM. I had a few laps like 20 or so and got a hard fought 1:29.311. The car is super slippery in the infield and it makes it hard to set up for the over the crest turns. This track would be tremendous fun for FD or RC.
  6. Yes agreed Cristian, I can't wait to do a race here, bring the WTCC to North America. :jumping:
  7. Maurice Hurkmans

    Maurice Hurkmans
    RD Travel Expert

    So far on a 1:30.154 with the 2007 Honda. Really like this track. Offers a lot of challenges.
  8. Hey Maurice, stop practicing or we'll have to bring in a new rule for FD races. :p:D
  9. Down to a 1.30 flat in my 156 for the FD race with another 0.5 on the current setup which was quickly modified to make the car driveable.
  10. 1.30.065 <-- new PB Honda '07 driven on RD server
  11. I'm getting the hang of her slowly fun track too.
    I'm getting the Toledo down to 1:31:6
    I know what ya mean about Floaty Atti it's great feeling when ya snag that perfect lap hey? :Hamm3rHed:
  12. 1:29.5xx RD server just now in qual session with a pink 07Chevy,really getting to grips with the car and track,it has a lovely sensation of "pouring" the car around those crested humpback turns,the race should be action packed! :thumb: :D.
  13. I keep trying to get below 1.30 as I'll probably have no practice time tomorrow because of work (unless it's raining heavily). I keep rolling the car which will look great in a replay if I do it in a race.
  14. You guys are really fast!:hail: Gary was kind enough to provide his setup, and even with that, in TA mode, I could not get past 1:31.0XX. In regular practice online I am still around 1:32 (but I hope to improve that with some more practice). Breaking 1:30 seems totally out of reach for me. :(

    I seem to be losing a lot of time in the "madness" area. Anyone got any thoughts?!

  15. Guys, please don't get too serious or concerned about endless practicing for superb lap times. Remember the spirit of Friendly Development, it's to learn and have fun, it's not a League Event.
    It's more about getting used to driving in big fields.
  16. Warren,

    I am just trying to learn the car and the track. In one of those great RD moments, I was practicing online, and ran into Deitmar and Michael. We ran some practice and qualifying, and Deitmar and I ran a 17 lap race. It was a big help for me! To be on topic, I got a PB 1:30.3xx in qualy!:thumb: I also got to work through my usual demons of making stupid mistakes. I got some overtaking practice in, and some general running with others work. I feel much more prepared for tomorrow now, and I had a really great time! Thanks Deitmar, and thanks RD!

  17. Was a pleasure....but I have no idea where to get this extra 2 seconds from you were faster per round ... guess setup (i hope it is not ability :becky:)!
    My fastes so far (offline time attach against myself was 1:32.065)
  18. Well theres that big field on the exit of turn one,im used to driving there now,but my best moments are at Snetterton T2,im very used to driving in that big field :p :pound: (*Groan*, I'll get my coat....)
  19. veeery funny Gary. :pound:

    Since you are all so cheeky, I just threw my Alfa around the track in off-line practice mode and managed a 1.29.9, but I found it hard to put in consistent times. This is a wonderful track when you get in the rhytm, but I think that will be extremely difficult to do in a "big field". :p
    I foresee lots of off's here for many people and it will get very busy, so I really hope everyone shows patience and friendliness.

    The race will be heaps of fun if everyone keeps the right attitude, but if anyone gets too serious they could be in for a frustrating time. :amen:

    Edit: I know I'm not the quickest but I have included my hotlap just in case someone is struggling and it helps them. Don't look at you Aliens, I'd be embarrassed.
  20. Strangely, i haven't pushed too hard my car and i have exploded my personal time, 1'28''968. I have uploaded the ghost in chrono online.
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