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WT Highlights - Round 3, China

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ron Squire, May 18, 2013.

  1. here is the Brand New World Trophy Highlights package for China

    like with the WC Highlights i apologize for the delay
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  2. We`ve got used to it!
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  3. i was hoping to upload it later on the day with the WC but the WC was delayed so i was delayed
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  4. I still don´t understand what the WC Highlights have to do with your WT Highlights?
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  5. because the WT Highlights always follow the WC Highlights but it would be for me out of sync to do it before the WC
  6. I know I have bad eyesight but I don't understand how the video quality was recorded with anything other than a potato.

  7. bradley thank you for making me degrading as i worked so long on this
  8. plus i added motion blur to this
  9. The motion blue is the problem, it makes things extremly unclear.

    Ron, I see you put in a lot of effort and you clearly have some good video editing skills however I don't think commentry is your fortay. If it is possible, I would suggest getting someone else to do commentary as your narration seems to be unclear, unprepared and emotionless.
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  10. i tired to get scott but he is busy with the WC one and Liam and Jack is busy so where does this leave
  11. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    To the conclusion of the WT highlights, I guess? :D
  12. no
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. looks like morgans relieved
  15. Appeared for the first time in three races yea
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  16. you appeared in bahrain too but i mistaken you for lopez
  17. If you need help with better quality recording just say it Ron, which program are you using for recording and for editing it? I can send you my Sony Vegas settings for a better quality :)
  18. for recording i use bandicam and for editing i use avs video editor it was test error because i recorded on half size instead of 720p sorry about that
  19. And what about using Fraps for Recording. I use Fraps and gives great results :thumbsup:
  20. Well for one, the motion blur isn't needed. Not only did it distort the picture so I could only just make out what was going on, but it appears to have distorted the sound also.

    And I'm sorry but I have to agree with Bradley. Editing wise you're OK, don't have too much of a problem with that. But the commentary - it just sounds like you're not bothered or interested, it's very monotone and dull. You want to engage the viewers, not make them feel like switching the video off after a few seconds. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh but unfortunately it's the truth.

    None of us here are trying to make you feel bad or make you want to stop making these videos. We are trying to help you. But even I feel that you haven't taken on board or done anything that I suggested in the first long post I wrote in your Bahrain highlights thread.

    May I suggest you go back to it, try some of the things I suggested and use the time between now and when the next WT video is ready to be released to just work on a few things. You will be surprised how changing one or two small things can sometimes make a big difference.

    All we can do is give you our opinions and advice. If you do actually accept it and take it this time then we're getting somewhere. If not - well all I can say is best of luck with the rest of the videos this season and leave it at that. Soon you'll realize the more you take people's advice for granted, the less willing they are to give it to you. Think about that.
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