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WT Highlights - Round 2 Bahrain

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ron Squire, May 5, 2013.

  1. here at long last is the Bahrain Highlights for World Trophy

    Note: don't post any comments relating to the next race on the video

    Thank You to Eduard Mallorquai for Post-Race Checks
    Thanks to Simon Adebisi again for the designs

    This will be the last highlights program before a revamp in the titles to bring back a refreshed highlights titles used from 2010-2011
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  2. Thanks Ron. We really appreciate it :)
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  3. LOL the man who spins at 4:50, was my teammate López not me ;)
  4. Just a tip: You shouldn't spend 3 minutes doing intro and grid. When saying the grid, don't be as detailed or only say the Top 10 for example.
  5. bradley this that really needed
  6. What?
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  7. Nice job Ron.
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  8. I had a brake failure at 6:43, that's why I retired; I never give up;)

    Good job Ron, thank you for your work; it's appreciated
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  9. Great job Ron, keep up the good work.

    I'm just saying that my surname is SIGGY not SIGGI (I know it's stupid to argue about that :p), so please change it :)
  10. its ok its just that GPCOS know you as siggi sorry about that
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  11. Ron, what do you mean? That doesn't make sense.
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  12. no problem Ron
  13. Bradley this isnt needed because when making a good highlights video you need to be as detailed as possible and that is what i did you are trying to limit that sorry i wont limit it
  14. Thank you Ron for doing this.
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  15. Ron, it is my opinion. I gave you a tip saying I think it shouldn't be as long as you just ignore it and spit in my face. Learn how to accept constructive criticism Ron. Other people have said this before so it isn't like I have said something new either...

    EDIT: And yes, detail is good. However, when about half of the video isn't actually race action, it should be different. If you are going to have 3 mins before the race, maybe have more action in the highlights? Like 8 minutes instead of 5 for example.
  16. Ron, Bradley has a point. Look at the WC highlights so far this season. Yes, I covered the whole grid for Australia, but partly because Johannes wrote the script when I wasn't able to, and also because I thought that those watching would like to know who was driving this season.

    But if you look at Bahrain's highlights, I only cover the top 10 and a couple of drivers below that. Yes, I agree detail is good as it helps keep the viewers informed as much as possible. But you can't tell them every single little detail all the time. Eventually viewers will switch off because the videos get too long if you're explaining everything at length.

    Don't get it twisted, I'm not criticizing your work. I think that fact that you're going to the trouble of providing highlights for WT is great. But you have to accept feedback in a positive manner. If people are trying to help you out with suggestions, don't just dismiss them straight away. Take them on board and if it's feasible to implement one or two of them, then do so.

    Also from watching your Bahrain highlights, a couple of things - firstly if you're going to use parts or similar in the intro from my script, ask me first. Don't just assume that because we're on the same highlights team you can just automatically use stuff I've written.

    Secondly, when you're talking, you're mumbling a lot, speaking too quickly at times, fumbling your words and also stopping and starting a bit too. I can only just make out what you're saying at times, and as a whole it doesn't sound professional. I know from experience that sometimes it's difficult, I used to do it. Heck, when I'm recording I make tons of mistakes and have to re-record stuff many times before I'm happy to submit the final recording to Johannes to put together the final WC highlights package.

    I don't know if you're reading from a script, but if not can I suggest that you put one together as it will help greatly and sound more professional and improve the quality of the highlights. I really hope you take on board me and everyone else has said instead of just dismissing it straight away. Realize that we are trying to help you, not hinder you.
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