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Featured Would you support a Red Bull breakaway series?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Jordan Adcock, Oct 15, 2015.

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  1. FO-1K4UWJU1D1W11.jpg Motorsport.com's Jonathan Noble has suggested that Red Bull's racing future could take a drastic turn as the team's very public search for a competitive engine for 2016 rumbles on.

    His column proposes that owner Dietrich Mateschitz might pull both the main squad and Scuderia Toro Rosso from the F1 paddock and place them into Red Bull's own grand prix world championship.

    It should be stressed that this is all theoretical at this point and is probably the nuclear option out of all the possibilities, but Noble's thoughts are curious, and given the team's breakdown with current suppliers Renault, it doesn't seem entirely implausible.

    The French manufacturer have supplied power-units consistently underpowered against leaders Mercedes for a couple of seasons now, but if Red Bull were to stay Renault is probably the only option they've got, and that's already meant some awkward making-up by Christian Horner, stating that continuing with Renault isn't impossible.

    Red Bull are clearly being withheld from Mercedes and Ferrari engines by work teams who are still wary of their rival's ability to create a chassis which with a Mercedes or Ferrari engine could lead the field like they did from 2010-13, and going by their paddock newsletter they're not happy at how they're being "forced" out of F1.

    What's reportedly holding Mateschitz back from calling it quits is the impact on staff at both Milton Keynes and Faenza, facilities built to develop F1 cars. So why not have a "Red Bull Grand Prix World Championship", as Noble puts it?

    The larger Red Bull company definitely isn't short of money, they run several championships already including the Red Bull Air Race, they of course have their own circuit in the Red Bull Ring, host of F1's Austrian Grand Prix (would that drop off the calendar if they quit?).

    Already some fans have imagined possible calendars which brought back more traditional F1 hosts. Could a Red Bull GP series position itself as F1's hip alternative, bringing back V8 or even V10 engines in response to the controversial V6 hybrid engines powering F1 currently? What drivers could it attract alongside already-contracted Red Bull and Toro Rosso competitors?

    Again, this is (for now) purely speculation. The likelier outcome is that the two teams remain in F1, whether under Red Bull ownership or not. But motorsport's seen discussions over a breakaway championship before, like in 2009 when eight of the ten teams threatened to pull out over plans for annual budget caps.

    But what if this became a reality? What would you like to see from a Red Bull GP series, and do you think both it and F1 could ever realistically co-exist? We're very interested to read your thoughts.
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  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    If they did I'd be all over it!
    I do like these current engines as the amount of torque is more of a skill-based challenge than in previous years where the drivers just mash the throttle and the car does the rest, but nothing can beat that V10 symphony. :inlove:
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  3. - "Honey, I'm home!"
    - "Hello my darling Dietrich, how was your day?"
    - "Oh it was great, my team won the first place in the championship!"
    - "That's great news! How many constructors were there?"
    - "Just me"

    If Red Bull were to have a series like F-Renault but fielding the drivers in their programme, they could probably get a good 15-20 driver grid. Put it in a mean looking open-wheel car with a v8 or other nice sounding engine, have it go on 10 "proper" tracks in a few countries and surely people will tune in.
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  4. Galin Dimov

    Galin Dimov

    Yup, I'd be more than happy to see Red Bull bring back the V10 and the Formula 1 from the not so distant past that we truly miss. I am sure if they make it their goal, it will be achieved as a lot of fans don't really like the direction of F1 has taken in recent years.
    The big joker they could play is something that modern F1 has forgotten - heritage! F1 seems to be moving to places around the world where no offence, but most people have no clue about F1 just because they can cover the outrages GP hosting fees. At the same time, there are constant talks about classic circuits being dropped out from the calendar which to me is just crazy.

    Red Bull Formula GP + V10 + more raw cars + 15 iconic tracks around the world + 20 cars = I say bring it on!
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  5. better still - new formula called... "Formula V10". Anyone can enter.
    but - thank reiza for the idea. :)
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  6. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    I'm all for a new "Racier" GP series to compete with F1 :)

    I find current F1 boring:sleep:, I find myself looking forward to the support categories GP2 & GP3. The drivers are constantly swapping positions and there's always action somewhere on track, it's awesome to watch:thumbsup:.......Thanks Foxtel!

    A new GP series could also possibly provide young upcoming drivers somewhere other than F1 to prove their abilities and fulfill the stuff of dreams.

    The idea of getting back to a basic V8-V10 engine configuration, with hopefully a limited aero package so that drivers have to actually race using carcraft and all their skills, has my support :cool:.

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  7. Good Luck waiting for a Red-Bull championship....

    I love how everyone thinks Mr. Mateschitz can snap his fingers and conjure up a 15,16,17 round championship in under a year :roflmao: complete with 7 or 8 teams

    Anything over a 1 year turn around and everyone will have forgotten about Redbull & if he's worried about laying off 600+ workers now then what will he do if he has to lay off a complete series grid :roflmao:

    Never ever going to happen... Never.....

    Only my opinion of course :thumbsup:
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  8. No need to do anything new, just buy IndyCar and make it again what it used to be in the CART days, that series really needs to be in new hands ;)
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  9. I think its terrible that there are only 3 engine manufacturers(not counting Honda) and two of those three are not sharing their engines with Red Bull for obvious reasons yet they are willing to share them with other less competitive teams. Seems like with Red Bull's deep pockets they should be able to convince another manufacturer to try to get into F1. Maybe Ford, Chevrolet, or Mechachrome might have interest if they didn't have to foot the entire cost to develop from scratch.
  10. Why would it be any better than the already existing series? (Formula renault 3.5, gp2, etc), and why would anybody not see that Mateschitz is exactly the same kind of dictator as Bernie is?

    Not really convinced at all.
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  11. Formula redbull V12 anybody?

    Anyways I think the biggest problem for any breakway series is that it is super hard to not make a spec series. Or to get manufacturers involved. Or to even run a really fast cars without bernie blocking you the access to the highest fia certified tracks. To use the slower tracks you need slower cars which would already put the series way below gp2. Is anyone interested at that point anymore? And more so from pr perspective they'd need the top drivers. I don't think ricciardo, kvyat, sainz and verstappen has the name to sell all that many tickets...

    That being said a new redbull series could do some seriously radical stuff with the cars. They are not restricted into the open wheeler, sportscars or lmp categories. They could create a series which runs something completely unique like formula cars with closed cockpits and covered wheels. Think something along the lines of the gran turismo X2010 cars. Hell, they could even add oval racing and rallycross events to their calendar. Redbull could create something totally new and wild and they'd also have one year to sort out the business side and then launch it in 2017. Redbull championship of champions! Broadcast the races in internet at 4k60fps for everybody for free, embrace the internet and new technologies and do all the things a top sport at 2015 should be doing. They do have the manpower to pull it off. I'd love to see them do it

    Or they could stay in f1 running with uncompetitive renault engines competing for 10th places with mclaren while spending enormous money just so merc and ferrari can rub it in their faces that they are not an engine manufacturer.
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  12. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    Absolutely. +1

    I live in the U.S. but I think if Red Bull threw in a few ovals, like the Indy 500, people would go crazy over here. Screw COTA.
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  13. anything to get away from the poison dwarf. Bernie is killing the sport and has been for a while.
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  14. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium

    If you can't beat them, create your own series... It's quite funny RBR wasn't dominating for several years and nothing was said, then they dominated the series for 4 years straight. Now a couple years of down performance and Dietrich wants to take his ball and go home like some spoiled child. He even tried NASCAR for a while expecting results similar to F1 and pulled the plug on that team after they started showing signs of improving.
    Edit: If they do this.. they need to do something out of this world with a SPEC Car and engine that doesn't change every year. Get rid of this PC Eco BS and run Loud V8's with turbo's.
    Maybe something like this...
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2015
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  15. Doesn't make any sense for red bull to compete in f1 without decent engine. Nobody can develop a chassis that is about 2 seconds faster than the mercedes chassis just so the chassis is fast enough to offset the 2s deficit of the renault engine. Redbull could increase their budget 10x what it is now but it would not be enough. Until the engine rules change again nobody can challenge mercedes. It will be mercedes 1, ferrari 2, the rest 3rd for a very long time...
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  16. Well, if you put interesting cars on a track i'll watch it, that's not even a question.

    The question is a couple of years down the line when RBFormula and F1 are scheduled for the same time, which one i'll go for?
    I can't answer that right now, but F1 is in a spot right now where it's lead is flimsy... so Red Bull has a chance.
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  17. Galin Dimov

    Galin Dimov

    No one wants to supply them with engines. Well, Ferrari do but with the 2015 engines not the 2016. What are they supposed to do, fit the 270ps engine from the Megane RS?
    I am not even a Red Bull fan but the way they are being forced out, is just stupid.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2015
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  18. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium

    Sorry Mate, wasn't aware they were being forced out, only heard that Dietrich was going to pull the plug unless performance improved on the track. But the Politics in F1 will come back and bite it finally.
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  19. Galin Dimov

    Galin Dimov

    Yeah sadly, Mercedes said no, Ferrari said yes, but old engines only (which is crazy as they have no issue supplying the other teams with the latest engines), Renault - i guess that ship has sailed and Honda...well, we all see how well they are doing. So they are really put against the wall for basically being a good team.