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Skins Worn Tyres HD 1.0

worn tyres

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  1. I Have made some damage for my yellow marked Pirellis m8 ,,
    If you want You can help me make a Couple of sets but they would have to be 4096x2048 they look nice these tires but low res , :thumbsup:
    I Am just uploading my finished lotus mod then going to Start on a Ferrari I got asked to make one ;)
    Anyway let me know
  2. I really like to help you but.
    I have still much to learn i have got photoshop for 5 months. I have done every tutorial on youtube and other sites and i really can do ps with my eyes shut
  3. these tyres where really a learning curve for me.
    Exmple .one file of the tyre is in light purple .
    I now know thas for creating shadow depth i did not know that yesterday
    I have photoshop for 4 months and i am still learning
    So teach me;)
    I do all the basics of ps with my eyes shut and i have done every single tutorial out there but i really like to learn everything about skinning also want to learn how to make 3d files but thats for later:thumbsup:
  4. have you got team viewer you can watch on my pc
  5. where to put this tyre files?
  6. inside each car livery folder located within skins :thumbsup: