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World Trophy Highlights Test Presentation Round 8 Valencia

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ron Squire, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. Here is a Test Presentation that will show you what are you to expect from my highlights

    Sorry about the Commentary Sound Quality
    Produced by Ron Squire
    Footage by James Peutherer
  2. I'm pleased with the way this has turned out :)
  3. It is a good first test video, but I dont enjoy having "-Ferrari" after my team name...
  4. I agree, these brand names shouldn´t be there, please only use the official team names as they are in gpcos.

    I also didn´t give up in t1 ;) the footage is from me stopping after finishing the race.
  5. Okay, This'll be taking into hand in the next program.
  6. Johannes and Pedro sorry for putting the engine names there will try to remove them for the belgian grand prix
  7. From an outsider's point of view:

    There are a lot of great ideas and features in the video. For example the 60 second highlights at the end.

    However the video in general doesn't create the correct atmosphere for what is being shown. It has already been said, however the intro and way the highlights are shown doesn't seem right for FSR. You also need to make different clips flow together, use more camera angles, and possibly some overlays during the highlights showing Driver Names, Positions, Laps etc

    Very well produced however I just feel that it doesn't seem right for FSR.
  8. I will be using more camera angles and more onboard.
  9. Already working on the Belgian Grand Prix Highlights
  10. I'll start getting footage tommorow ron?
  11. yes u can james
  12. My last name :roflmao: it's pretty simple actually just tough to pronounce... :roflmao:
  13. ok Petar we'll sort it out when james gets the footage
  14. It is a good material Ron, there are some minor details to fix, but I think you will progress as you are going to do more and more videos.
    As I mentioned earlier, the intro for the highlights is action movie type with those flames. The sound you used is very familiar to me, but I don`t know what is it. Maybe a powerful music or sound-mix is more eligible to this kind of videos. Remember the SPEED!

  15. i will include more race car zooms on the intro tamas to increase the speed factor
  16. Ron, it is totally up to you what are you going to use, don`t misunderstood me, I don`t want to produce your video. It was just my personal opinion, that I didn`t feel the speed or the racing spirit on that part. Maybe others will feel in different way. You have to make it as good as you can to make people to love your work.

    By the way what is the softwares that you are using for the whole editing process, can you enumerate it?
  17. the software is AVS Video Editor
  18. So you are not using PS and AE to enhance the material? The lineup was prepared in that AVS also?
  19. i got the images for the logos from PS, its difficult to use AE so didnt use it and yes the lineup was used in AVS
  20. OK got it, maybe you see these pics before, if not than take a look, It is a post by Simon Adebisi, where he shows his workflow on his editing process.