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workshop mods

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by seamount, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Hi, I am new at rF2 so i need some help.

    My question is: the mods on "steam workshop" are all "ISI Official made" or all "non-ISI" or a mix ? how to recongnize it ?
    I see that i have been "automatically" subscribed to all of the workshop mods ... is it a default option ?
    I read about many "builds" that i think are the same as "patches", so they are automatically applied on steam (when they are released) and they are not to be confused with the "workshop" mods, it that correct ?

    thank you for your help
  2. As far as i know:

    your subscribed to all ISI mods be default. It will take a while to download them all. Give it some time...

    You can subcribe to 3rd party mods if you wish.

    You can unsubscribe from ISI mods and they'll be removed from your PC.
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  3. Anybody who has bought rFactor 2 on Steam can publish mods they made via the workshop. After you've created and packaged your mod, this guide describes how to publish it.

    If you look at an item in the Steam workshop, you can see who published it. For example look at the Sebring track and you will see it has been published by MonSum, and you can also see he published Mid Ohio.

    ISI decided to publish all the content they, and third party affiliates (3PAs), created as workshop items too and to subscribe new users to such items automatically so they experience the richness of the simulation out of the box. Like Gijs says, if you want to, you can uninstall such content from your game if you don't want to use it.

    As far as builds go, Steam and non-Steam versions are kept in sync. In general though, it is easier to keep your install up to date on Steam (as it is done automatically by the Steam Client) and the same goes for any workshop items you subscribe to, so if an author updates a track or car, you get that update automatically.
  4. thank you for your answers, so if I understand (non native) all the "workshop mods" to which I am already subscribed (without my input) are "ISI/affiliates official" and they are automatically installed ... for all the others (private/users) nothing happens (they are not installed) without my decision to subscribe ...
    now it's clear to me, thank you again

    so that means that for the "automatically" subscribed mod i can be sure they are made with "ISI" quality standard, is that right ?
  5. Yapci


    Yes. The other ones may be not as polished neither as accurate as the ISI/3PA ones, but some ones are pretty good too.
  6. Also, the workshop has ways to provide feedback and rate mods, so I would definitely advise everybody to use that. Feedback is always useful for the author, especially if it is constructive (or just a plain "thank you" which often goes a long way to ensure future support and updates).
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