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With all our members i think iracing can be a lonley experience

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Nick Brooke, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. I keep looking foe people on TS who are logged in and playing iracing just to chat as we play but no one ever seems to be there. I then looked at the new chat function for a RD room but there is none.

    Does no one wanna talk guys? I would love a RD room on iracing site so at least we could chat together but maybe better still TS. What you guys think?
  2. well in racing i don't like to chat
    i need all the concentration i have :p

    when i played FPS games i was always on the TS server
    but i'm not really a talk person in a foreign language
  3. We've just been using the in game comms Nick. :)

    Now with the new chat functionality on iRacing you can see friends that are logged on, available for chat, and in a server racing. When they are in a server you can choose to join (if you have the appropriate content) to either spec, or join the race.

    I've made a point to add people I know from the iRacing members list to my Friends list, and I continue to add more people to my friends list based on who've I've raced or practiced with in the US club events (I just added you!) :)
  4. The in game comms really negates the need for TS, I can't chat and race at the same time anyway :) so only really chat during practice sessions
  5. Like Kev states, iRacing has an in-built chat when in the race servers, so no need for TS.

    That said, I'm like Pedro in that I don't chat in the race servers (don't have mic setup anyway) but will converse during practice with the text chat, but during quali and race I tend not to bother.
  6. I have limited content and rarely see RD guys in race, but in any case I play late and the wife is currently off of work for awhile so my comms are few and far between. Usually just a quick "wreck in 1" or "go low" notification, otherwise I get yelled at for being too loud =p. Once she goes back to work in September, I'll be a bit more chatty in practices and pre-race.

    A question since we're kind of on the subject. The new chat function in game, I know you can only chat friends, but when you cursor over it, it says you have to enable it in the General tab on the Settings page. Where is this blasted Settings page? I've looked everywhere and can't find it...
  7. Carl,

    Just under the 'RACE' button there is a cog/gear icon. Click that. Then select the General option from the 4 available. From there you should be able to click the 'Enable Integrated Chat'.

    If you ever wan to switch the chat off, just go back to General menu and disable it.

    You will need to re-add friends for this and they have to accept your request, as all those currently in your list are now just defaulted to 'Studied'. Studied drivers have a blue dot and friends will have a purple one.

  8. Thanks much, Daz. I seen the "friends are now studied" issue and all that, I just could not for the life of me find the Settings tab. Finally, that issue is put to rest. Now if only I had some friends.....lol
  9. Just sent ya a friend request Carl :)

    Nice thing about the friends list is iRacing uses it (among other things) when determining which servers it grids you in.
  10. only thing it would be better if you'd get like a notification when someone sents you a friend request ;) i know i had to mention it to some people, and some people had to mention it to me :p
  11. UPDATE:
    I've found out how to see who sent you friend request!
    Just click on the green "# myRacers Online" Button and scroll down to bottom, and viola, you can accept friend requests from there!
  12. for those that haven't noticed I've sent requests to all of the drivers listed in the RDIR drivers thread