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Wireless USB's

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Nick Deeley, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Got a new pc for gaming :D

    Bit of a problem though..cant connect to the internet. Tried the wireless card out of this computer but windows 7 didnt like it.

    Had a look around at some USB wireless dongle thingy's, but it seems none support windows 7.

    Ive got win7 64bit, so does anyone know of wireless cards that support it? Preferably ones that are classed as N or higher.

  2. maybe you can post your current wireless card so we can help out
  3. I think the issue is it doesn't say it supports Windows 7 & but from what I have read the Netgear WN111 (that I have) works fine on 7. Even x64.
  4. ignore me, i read your post wrong lol
  5. Hmm, really? Had a quick look around on amazon and ebuyer and such places and the WN111 reviews say its got little to no x64 drivers with vista, no mention of 7, but i presume it'll be the same. If theres no vista x64 drivers, then I doubt there'll be 7 drivers...
  6. Reports I've read is that they are perfectly fine :/
  7. Went out and got a Belkin N Wireless USB Network Adapter to give it its full name. Installed without any problems on Windows 7 x64.

    Bit bulky as you cant get any other usb devices in next to it when put in a group of usb ports, but other than that...cant complain so far.