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WIP Track - Liverpool Waterfront Circuit

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Woffin, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. Ive not posted much around these places but with rFC being pretty much dead at the moment, my WIP submission has been about a week in the waiting. I figured I would post something here to let you know my project :) .

    You may have heard of my name before from the Thermalito track. That was my first ever expedition into track making for rFactor and with the help of Bobs Track Builder, I think it turned out alright to be honest :). Then, I went to university and lost 90% of my free time.

    However, with the recent new version of BTB, Ive gotten that track making bug back again and have been inspired to build a track based on the roads of the Liverpool waterfront, which is directly opposite my university and where I spend the majority of my life these days. No shortage of reference material then, all I have to do is go for a walk on my lecture break! Here is a picture from google earth to show you the route:


    As you can see, it goes past an awful lot of buildings and is likely to be an incredibly complex and time consuming project. However, after a few weeks work in BTB this is a video of what Ive got done so far. Let me know what you think :)

  2. thermalito is a sweet track, mate :thumb:

    this looks really promising... love street circuits... hope it works out :nod:
  3. Really nice track. :good: Very technical and i can't wait to drive it. :)
  4. I agree with Ivo Simons, i'm pretty new and haven't tried Thermileto (pardon my horid speleng lol) but from what I've seen on it, it looks nice. As for this one, not much eyecandy at the moment but its not bad, i've seen many worse, and I've even made worse on the demo lol :p one track the fastest corner was 50 mph and it was like a 135 degree right (it was a street fantasy track), slowest was like 25 but it had a nice staight. I really like those two corners that are basically chicanes around roundabouts, atleast thats what they look like. Can't wait till its done :)
  5. I am LOVING the look of this circuit. Can't wait to try it out... :clap:
  6. Cheers for the feedback guys :D wasnt expecting much of a response to be honest! Its the positive feedback that keeps me motivated and makes me want to turn this project from a WIP into a RELEASED!

    If any of you out there fancy giving me a hand with either 3d buildings/textures then I would probably bite your hand off lol. This is my main weak area but also probably what is going to make or break this project :)
  7. I second Andrew's post about Thermalito being an absolute top track :good:

    Off topic: which university are you attending? Hope, JMU or ?
  8. Thanks Ryan :) its none of the above actually. No one's ever heard of it before but its a specialist audio place called SAE, studying Audio Engineering :thumb:
  9. Ah, I expect to hear some good crowd noises and wall crunches in this then :D
  10. Im pleased to announce that Ive been able to contact a few of the guys responsible for the models you can find on google earth. Im currently in the process of sorting them for bobs track builder and rfactor so work is ongoing, but i thought i would post a few shots of the work that is going on :) textures will probably be re done in the future.

  11. Looks properly good :good:
  12. With a few more buildings added, heres an ingame shot for a change instead of a screen capture out of BTB :)


    And heres a google earth image for comparison:

  13. That is looking fantastic Woffin! :drool:
  14. Indeed very cool. :)
  15. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium

    Top job Woffin
  16. Sorry about the immense lack of news recently! Had a few uni assignments that needed to be handed in and obviously they take priority :) . Anyways, here is a new video for you showing a few updates, most noticably the addition of some buildings (courtesy of google earth). It is also in HD, which is a first for me, so enjoy!

  17. It's becoming better and better. Good job Woffin. :good:
    That first straight!
  18. I look 4ward to doing some Touring Car and GT action round this track one day. I like road tracks with curbs to attack:good:.