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[WIP] ACE 2012

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by RowingAce, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys,

    The last couple of days I have been tampering with the game a bit and checked out what I would do to make AI better.
    I have to say it is far less than last year.
    • From my testing, there is no out of sight behaviour whatsoever. Have tested the first 5 tracks of the calender in dry and wet, there were no issues.
    • I think AI pace in the dry is spot on. Driving the mclaren I can go .2-.3 seconds faster around sepang, but only if i nail a perfect lap. On some tracks wet speed needs a little adjustment, but from what I see nothing more than .5 to 1 second.
    • On track times in (short) qualifying look good too. Is about what I can drive, sometimes I can be faster by a couple of tenths, again only with a perfect lap.
    • Simulated times are a bit off, have to be adjusted in dry and wet.
    • I have adjusted the tier structure according to the player-car level. From my testing the order is
      • T1: McLaren, RedBull, Ferrari
      • T2: Sauber, Mercedes, Lotus, Williams
      • T3: Toro Rosso, Force India, Caterham
      • T4: Marussia, HRT (I'd like to use T5 for HRT because I can go around.7 seconds faster in Sepang with the marussia, but the game crashes when I utilize Tier 5)
    • I adjusted the tier performance levels, as Tiers 3 and 4 were too strong compared to the players performance.
    What bugs you about the AI, what would you change?
    I won't change tyre wear or scaling, cause I like it and think it's pretty good this year.
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  2. For now there is nothing to Add :)
  3. Yes, it is very good, but I think, Lotus is stronger then Mercedes and Sauber. Caterham is in the middle T3 and T4 (small reduce drivers to be it real because Marrusia defeat Caterham in Singapore race).
    I think Force India is better than Willaims and Williams is much better than Torro Rosso. It is difficulty to be game really reallistic :D . Can you try this TIERS in race? Your work is fantastic!!! Thank you
  4. But the results were like real, You are right :)
  5. Yeah that would be great.My biggest problem with the AI is that in the race start if you use all of your kers you can easly get through 3-4 cars in the race start before turn 1 on every track even with legend difficulty(i play it on legend every time so it's kinda annoying):D.In real life like Alonso did it every race, he could only get through 2 cars max.So it would be good if you can increase the AI performance at race start or increase their speed in start.
  6. The AI pace is a lot better this year!

    Race starts are quite a bit weaker though yes.
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  7. Good to hear that someone is working on something ^^

    But I couldn't understand, did you touch any AI speeds (braking points, cornering speeds) or you mod the AI behavior? :)
  8. for now I am talking about speed, haven't changed much yet though ..
    As for the tier changes that's mostly about cornering speed ..
  9. Well i got a question can we change the Cornering speed for specific team instead of Tiers
  10. Maybe helpful, maybe not. Maybe you know this post already.
    Have a look here for better understanding how the ai works in the game.
  11. I would just change the LEGEND to 0.6
    LEGEND just too Fast.
    CM really did an awesome Job on the AI. this year
    Thank You
  12. i would say Caterham still in tier 5 with marussia and hrt, but faster than them. so they should be between tier 4 and 5
  13. There is No tier 5 in this game only 4 tiers are available
  14. srry i meant hrt and marussia and caterham tier 4, but caterham should be faster than than marussia and hrt.
  15. RowingAce, could you tell me where to adjust the wet speed please?
  16. So HRT is the worst car in this 2012 ?? Not Marussia ?? :rolleyes:
  17. Of course it is. Marussia just caught up to Caterham so Marussia is in shape.
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  18. Like to double confirm this one, HRT is the worst car to drive in career 2012, right ?? Thanx for your time. Good day :D
  19. Hi there, RowingAce - nice to see you back on the back of F1 2012 :)

    In my opinion your observations regarding the AI are correct. The only issue I've had is in Montreal. Just finished a career race there and it seems like they are generally too quick in sector 2, more specifically - Turn 7. They also tend to run wide and sometimes crash/retire into the wall there. This is the second 'S' chicane.
    7-8 cars retired and numerous yellow flags through sector 2 for the duration of the entire race. This happened also in wet quali for the same race, so this corner is problematic in both conditions. Could you check it out if you have spare time please? :)

    Also regarding the tier system - I passed season 1 on 25% just to see how the career has been balanced this year. I accepted contract with FI mid-season and drove for the first time FI car in Hungary. Whole season Legend. It seemed like Tier 3 cars (for the player) are much weaker in terms of performance compared to the AI. Could you please specify if you have adjusted player's car performance or AI car performance in that tier. I would like to know because I'd prefer to race Legend with better tier 3 car for me, not crippled one for the AI.

    P.S: Last question - which patch does your mod use?