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[WIP] 2011 Ferrari F458 Challenge

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Isaac Chavira, Aug 7, 2011.

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  1. CANCELLED due to RDLMS 3 Season 3 preparations.
  2. Lee,

    Thank you so much! That will help immensely.

  3. ::Updated::
  4. 8-9-2011 Modders Log: Okay, gathered some newt textures and referrrence photos today! Accuracy is very important to me. I feel I have enough photographics data. Now I am on to sound and I think I found the perfect sound clip. Listen to this in 1080p (you have to select it). It's perfect because it has a long idle sequence. perfect for when sitting in the paddock or stopping.

    and this one.....really nice doppler and ambient engine noise including downshifting back fires and transmission noise. 720p

  5. 8-11-2011 Modders Log: Today I will finish up the safety markings, tire markings and interior decals (not textures). The textures will feature scratch made carbon fiber and alacantra and other various tidbits. I'll be using very little photo stock for skins. Everything that isn't the a fore mentioned will be vectored out. Look for an early 'clay' preview of the car by the 21st of this month and be sure to look at it in post #1.

    That's all for now folks.
  6. ::Updated:: see post #1
  7. Saved to 'My Favorites' in Firefox! =o)
  8. 8-14-2011 Modders Log: Max 2009 is driving me up the wall! I know lets change the material editor so we can piss off our customers who paid $3k for our product. Anyways guys, on a positive note. I am thinking of adding two bonus cars. I think you'll be smitten with them. I figure since I'll have the base architecture...why not just throw in the GT3 and GT2 F458's? Hell maybe even a fantasy 458 XX cup racer too.
  9. What about a stock F458 ? :p
  10. Is it good ?

    Don't want to download it for nothing, I have a monthly limit...
  11. The cars are in-accurate as far as looks go. I mean the wheels stick out 2" on either side and the wheel models look horrendous. These guys also included a 458 Challenge. So, now that someone has beaten to it I just forgo this MOD and focus on the Lotus Evora GTE LMS.
    Who knows, lol, Megaupload has monthly limit?
  12. Nah, my Internet has a monthly download limit...

    You can do the Ferrari anyway because from what you told me, their mod is rubbish I guess... Have you tested it ? If the sounds, interior and physics suck... And to be honest, it doesn't sound like it is an "official" mod...
  13. Hey all haven't forgot about this. I've just been really, really busy tuning my car for Sebring VLM inagural race for LMS season 3. I'm using the Spyker C8 Laviolette GTR-2. I've also been busy painting it as well perfecting the pearl paint job.
  14. CANCELLED due to RDLMS 3 Season 3 preparations and vehicle development.

    Maybe after the season is over and rFactor2 is out! I think that would be a better bet.

    Mods can you lock this or delete it?​
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