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Winter fun begins

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Paul Nadon, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. It's here:mad: Are first winter storm, calling for around 25-30cm of that wonderful white stuff in the next 24hr or so, Skiers will be happy. I drive a truck for work and I know that I will be having really bad day. :cry: So say prayer for me, its going to be a white knuckle day.
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  2. My car's an MX-5, and I eagerly await snow (we got ice so far).
  3. well it's not my driving I worry about, it's the idiots out there that don't know how to drive. If your that scared of driving in a winter storm, then stay the F**k home. It would make my day a lot easier.
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  4. It snowed as matter of fact today, went out just now at night, so no traffic... Was fun :D
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  5. Mohamedou Ari

    Mohamedou Ari
    F1 Sim Racer & #1 St. Bernard Lover on RD Premium

    Did you go out for a joyride? :p
  6. Indeed, met a dude messing around in his Impreza too, lol...
  7. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    I'm so glad it doesn't snow much in Vancouver simply because so many people here lose their driving skills when it does snow. In the city where i live we don't get much snow, maybe a few inches but because of all the stupid drivers it creates chaos on the roads.

    So far it has been a mild winter here and i hope it stays that way. Snow tires for my truck are not cheap because of the 20 inch rims. Come to think of it snows will not be cheap for my gf's car either but on the other hand she'll just drive my truck if it snows, Mustangs are pretty useless in the snow anyways,even with only a few inches on the ground.
  8. My 1984 Firebird with manual trans, some decent tires, and a beefy chain coiled up in the back was a pretty nice car in the snow. Except for the open diff. :(

    This is the first winter driving my 1997 Saturn SW2 with the same type of tires as the Firebird had.. I thought the ones I had on the Firebird were pretty decent, so I bought more.
    I am not impressed. It is terrible in areas/conditions where the Firebird was solid.
    I know I never liked most things about my Saturn but I expected better from it in the winter.

    I suppose I could upgrade to a set of studded tires. but while better on ice, that is not going to help with the appallingly hopeless performance in slush.
    From what I have seen so far an inch of slush can make the SW2 handle like the Firebird in 2-3 inches on my twisty middle-of-nowhere roads!

    This is horrible. I hate my SW2, the only redeeming feature that I can think of off the top of my head(aside from the car being low-KM and in really good shape) is the ease of working on it. Taking things apart is relatively straightforward and sensible for a modern car. And at least the interior does not look as vomit-inducing as most modern cars esp imports.(thirdgen Firebirds had wicked red-backlit dashboards, btw)

    It is worth noting that this car is fine during dry and heavy wet weather(I love flying through big puddles). So of course I may simply have the very worst tire&car combo for winter and any other winter rated tire might make this car amazing... ha. If I had another spare $800+ for a new set of tires I would probably just get a dedicated manual+RWD winter beater instead of sinking more money into the modern FWD+auto la-de-da look at me I am a special flower saturn garbage I already have.

    The world needs more third gen Camaros and Firebirds, among other even older american cars.

    It could always be worse. I could be driving a non-american car or something made in 2000 or later. :sick:

    Oh well. Keep it slow, keep it sensible, keep it safe.
    It is also fair to say that so far I have only had this car out in slush and ice, not any snow. So it might be better on actual snow. *shrug*

    I suppose this belonged in the rants thread.

    Oh, speaking of winter. Last year I remembered to take a picture. Unfortunately not the biggest of piles. The game is this: How big does the compacted pile of snow have to be before you lose too much momentum to make it up the driveway while sliding the back end unnecessarily with excessive exhaust noise. Much loud pedal and smiling is involved. :thumbsup: Though I was smiling most of the time I drove that car regardless of what I was doing. :inlove:

    Of course my road is never plowed until the afternoon when I am already at work... not that it slowed the Firebird down much.
    Obviously this game is only fun until someone decides to put a big rock at the bottom of your driveway. :roflmao: (thankfully that never happened)
    This is a game that was lots of fun in the Firebird, but I do not think will be as fun in the SW2.

    You can tell from the curved tracks that I was smiling. :)

    Of course I bet most of you do this as well. Who pulls over and blocks half the road just to shovel the bottom of their driveway anyway?

    Eh, I should probably see if I can swing some cash at the Saturn for different winter tires. If I am really lucky that will help, and something studded would be good for ice.. I would prefer if I did not die in a car I hate. We will see what happens with this.
  9. A good set winter tires and throw some weight in the back, several bags of salt or something. Just remember that it will take you little longer to stop.;)
  10. Weight at the back of a FWD ? Huehuehue... He's talking about the Saturn, not the Firebird.
  11. Yea, the Firebird was good in the snow even without 48' 3/8" chain+cable pull in the back and tended to keep going unless you bottomed it out by squishing a foot of wet snow under it or were on some proper ice, or were trying to go 40km/h+ in 5+ inches of slush.

    It is the FWD 1997 Saturn SW2 that is getting me down despite having the same type of tires I used to use on the Firebird.
    Well, as I said, I will see what it is like in actual snow before making any knee-jerk purchases.
    And as of two weeks ago my tire pressure was good, but I will try tinkering with that a bit.

    On the topic of winter.. the weather here has been stupid so I cannot do this yet, but a couple years ago:

    To roll it you had to jab your fingers in it like a bowling ball(except all fingers) and roll it with both hands.
    and hope you never have to turn it. :roflmao:
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