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Windowed Mode Issue V105b

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by IanH1960, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    Just upgraded to v105b on Steam and am having difficulties getting out of full screen mode.

    F11 has no effect. Have also un-ticked the fullscreen render checkbox, and tried setting FULLSCREEN=0 in the video and laucher ini's.

    But always loads in full screen and refuses to come out....

    Any thoughts...
  2. Update -

    On PC restart F11 now works and puts Launcher window in and out of Windowed mode.

    But when entering race mode full screen returns automatically, and F11 doesn't affect it. F11 seems to display/hide the small rearview mirror window instead?

    I'm a software developer updating motion platform software for this version - and I need to be able to put AS into windowed mode when driving so as to see the external software.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...
  3. alt+enter switches between fullscreen and windowed fullscreen.
  4. I just did a test and the game started with windowed mode, without needing to press alt+enter:



    But I usually play in fullscreen with these options:

  5. ...thanks. I could see that was having some effect. But the window size in both cases appeared to be full screen size, and both were borderless so couldn't be resized.

    I've adjusted the resolution down in the correct video.ini file to bring the window size down when Alt-Enter is used. Now I get a borderless smaller immoveable race window with the launcher window still present - messy, but I can work with it.
  6. ...and now when I try Alt-Enter I get the smaller window, but now normal borders - weird!