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Williams F1 Uni Project

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Adam Eggbeer, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. Last year, I had to do a final project for my degree which made up a large percentage of out overall results. My project was to create three cars from the Williams F1 team, showing the advances in technology on the cars, through the years. I chose Williams because they are my favourite team and they also have my favourite car, the FW14B (1991-1992). I also modelled the FW07 (1979-1982) which won Williams their first Drivers and Constructors' world titles, and the FW31 (2009). I used 3DS Max 2010 to create the models and map the cars, and photoshop to paint the textures. I quickly discovered I can't texture cars to save my life so some of the livery's look a bit weird. Each of the cars were designed to be used in-game so the poly-count was low to make the game run smoothly (something I needed it to do when doing the presentation). Below you can see the clay models along with the colour versions:


    Adam Eggbeer FW07 Clay.jpg Adam Eggbeer FW07 Colour.jpg


    Adam Eggbeer FW14B Clay.jpg Adam Eggbeer FW14B Colour.jpg


    Adam Eggbeer FW31 Clay.jpg Adam Eggbeer FW31 Colour.jpg

    I also created a video of the three cars together:

  2. what poly count are the complete cars?
  3. Awesome stuff Adam :D
  4. FW07: 8,654
    FW14B: 7,543
    FW31: 7,250

    Thanks :)
  5. Nice work Ado :)