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Helmets Williams 2014 Helmets 1.0

Incl. Susie Wolff

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  1. Look at those beauties. Stunning work, mate :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2014
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  2. awesome, Gerald, awesome:cool:
  3. Thanks guys.
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  4. Stunning Job!
    Wolff Helmet too! AMAZING!
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  5. Just use the editor and put the texture files in the pssg files.
    It's easy.
    And don't post same messages in different threads like u did below.
    U send a personal message to me then why post it here as well.
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  6. fitti


    Excelent Job :)
  7. to make sure I het anwser for it.
  8. Yeah, right. So many people will think you are so annoying and hate you. All you need to do is BE PATIENT !!!!
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  9. I can get your message through the personal message system on RD and we already have a conversation thread, then why wouldn't i get your message.
  10. Look who is talking about being patient. HEHE :D
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  11. understood.
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  12. I learned from you after many times we chat through Facebook :D
    You understand what I mean, right :p
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  13. Yep. ;)
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  14. Big thanks :cool: :thumbsup: