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Will The PC version Work With G27 This Time???

Discussion in 'MotoGP 15' started by peteduggan35, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. The big question . Will the PC version work with the G27 etc this Time? Does anybody know? Can Milestone answer the question?
  2. I personally do not know and doubt Milestone will answer
  3. Why would any one use a car steering wheel for a bike game?
  4. Because I hav'nt got a pair of handlebars!
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  5. I haven't got a machine gun but that doesn't stop me from playing ARMA 3.

    Seriously, using a sterring wheel for a bike? Come on. Just use an xbox type controller or similar.
  6. I use a 360 controller myself, but everybody can use whatever they want
  7. Well to a degree I agree. Have you tried using a banana? :rolleyes:
  8. A G27 is common device for players, and it's pretty good. If he wants to use it or he is used to it, his question is legitimate. Your sarcasm is remarkable
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  9. I started this thread in the hope to start a meaningful discussion with people like myself who own a good wheel and know the feeling and enjoyment you get from the more precise control a wheel and pedals give you. The game becomes far more enjoyable and feels more real than flipping a lever from side to side. Dont most people own wheels now who buy driving/racing games?
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  10. I will disagree whole heartily. Using a steering wheel to control a motorbike is senseless in my opinion and I am allowed that opinion. But I am biased as I ride motorcycles on road and track. I just couldn't imagine why anyone would use a wheel. It is so unusual. I'd rather use a keyboard than a wheel and even that is silly when you have access to cheap controllers that even in themselves are far less than ideal. We actually need a handlebar FFB device. Badly.

    I would probably guess that only one or two people in the whole world would ever think of using a steering wheel to control a motorcycle in a game. Not bothered if they do though, that's their choice but it's silly.
  11. I'm no biker pro like you, but surely a G27 gives more natural control than a controller with a little stick.
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  12. In what un-natural way Dewald? A bike has a lever (the handlebar). A car has a steering rack that is turned via a gearing system called a steering wheel. For instance in real life on a bike you press down on the right bar to tip in left and vice versa. It's all about bar pressure, not steering degree's. Hard to explain really.
  13. I do not know how your opinion has anything to do with the thread request, but nevermind.
    Maybe a G27 can give you more feedback than a controller.
    I would like to have a proper bike setup, that takes care about rider's weight movement and lean inclination.

    Back in topic: peteduggan35 , in Ride wheels were not officially supported, but for some people G27 worked, for some others the pedals didn't work (the steering wheel did).
    I guess it'll be the same for Gp'15
  14. No G27 PC support no purchase as simple as that thanks for the info Jonix Just for the record PS3 version of Motogp14 works with G27 so it's really a console game.and they cant be bothered to include wheel support for PC users. Thanks Milestone but no thanks!.
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  15. Maybe you can try it, and if it works then you buy it ;)
  16. You'll need to use the x360ce emulator like in 14 for the wheel to work.
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  17. Pete I use a G25 wheel with x360ce on PC so yours should work. And disregard Andy's comments they are obviously not based on having tried a wheel. A wheel is the perfect thing to use for motogp. Set your rotation low so it works EXACTLY like handlebars (unlike a controller or keyboard).
  18. lol:laugh::roflmao::roflmao:
  19. Hi, for me x360ce works just fine with my g27, so good luck with yours.

    And YES, wheel is pretty decent for motorbike games, i discovered this back when TDU1 came and i had a blast with bikes there. Wheel have let me do many things like gamepad never can, at least not so fluently and easily. I had a plan to use old flight stick and use it as a gas, cos you could twist it (used to control rudder) like on real bike, while put horizontaly.
    In fact i´ve done some hours on bike sim, while getting my bike license, and basicaly its a handlebar put on same base like wheels are, its just tilted differently.
    Definitely i can make something like that, instead of being an assO Andy!
  20. Guy's, what wheel settings do you use?