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Widescreen... My God...

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Mark Birney, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. It is almost impossible to get 1680x1050 at 16:10, it seems the only way is camhack, and that's not entirely reliable. I was expecting a community patch to solve the issue.

    Anyone with questions or queries as to widescreen in RBR, post here.
  2. did you set yer aspect ratio in the rscenter settings panel?
  3. I didn't know it had that feature... Thanks Andrew :)
  4. Try use this setting

    windowed mode :
    open the RichardBurnsRally.ini file , (c:/programfiles/scigames/richardburnsrally:)
    find the line that reads:
    Fullscreen = true
    change it to read:
    Fullscreen = false

    Save the file..

    Start RBR.

    And at the desktop after RBR menu appear, click the windows game border (right or left) with your mouse and drag out that window to your best fit.The game will pause automatically until point and click your mouse to the RBR window. The game resume and enjoy..

    Its works for me.
    view my gameplay here :
  5. Awesome stuff, shofial. They have an aspect ratio modifier in RSRBR (thanks Andrew). But great for thise who use stock or the Czech plugin.
  6. Might as well add some info for anyone who happens to be browsing for it...

    The resolution for the game is set in RichardBurnsRally.ini in the main game directory, for example to set 1360x768

    XRes = 1360
    YRes = 768

    For anyone who runs at 1360x768 or another low res like me you've probably discovered the Hud disappears off the bottom of the screen when you set the resolution.

    you can fix this by editing the digidash ini file for your resolution.
    To move the hud, open the Misc.rbz file (this is just a zip file so you can open it with a program that does zip), extract digidash_1280.ini to <RBR directory>/Misc and edit the Hud position lines at the top. I have mine on 950 and 500.
    The exact position and the file you need to edit depends on your resolution. I believe it uses the file one step down from your current horizontal resolution. Also if you use the reduced hud you probably need to edit the minidash file rather than digidash.

    I haven't experimented for very long but that's the gist of it
  7. hey Matt could you post your Misc.rbz file pls m8, i was editing mine and its now disappeared lol :(
  8. Will try and remember to do so later, you were extracting the ini file to the Misc folder and not editing it directly inside the rbz right?
  9. yes i extracted the ini and edited it, ran the game and the hud haddent moved, so i went to edit it again and it is disappeared, i now i didn't delete it as its not in my recycle bin :angel2:

    i probably stuffed something up along the way, as i now remember the file type being 7z and not rbz after i copied it back :thinking:
  10. misc.rbz:

    You probably already got this, but just to make absolutely sure, you don't need to put the ini file back into the rbz, just leave it in the Misc folder. :)
    I only tried opening the rbz in winRar so I don't know if 7zip fiddled with it somehow
  11. thanks Matt, just tried it at 950/500 as my res is simular to yours @1400x900 but it still haddent moved lol

    i`ll try again later :)
  12. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Nigel, same here lol.

    I have 1920 by 1080 res and after applying that setting in the ini file nothing has changed.
  13. i just went to hud options in game and set it to full and it seemed to move up a bit. havent got time to test it fully tonight though ;)
  14. yeh if you aren't using the full hud you need to edit the minidash file (I haven't even looked at that though). I don't know which hud is default as I probably fiddled with that option a couple of years ago

    Abdul if you're on 1920 I think you need to edit the 1600 file