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Why WHY is the game so ugly on my machine?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Jason Copp, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. I have jaggies from hell, twinkling shadows of doom, bluriness of the gods and dunno what to try next.

    I've tried literally every combination of settings, in-game, modding the .ini files and overriding with AMD Catalyst profile forcing things like AA to supersampling, etc.

    The jaggies, shadows and blurriness remains like the damn ship over Dallas in Independence Day.

    My system: dual 7970 in Crossfire running 13.11 drivers, i7 3970K on 3 50" plasmas.

    I try to be Mr. Hardcore and drive in cockpit mode, but the low set view means that the upcoming corner is literally only 100px high, and thanks to my inability to get the game to run well its just a blurry mess.

    Please Race Dept, help me. You're my only hope.

    Would a video of my problem help? I could take a vid with my phone to show the effects.
  2. Not necessary a video but yeah at least some screenshot to help people more understand your problem .. good luck :)
  3. I'm uploading some vids now.

    Curious thing I just noticed: the shadow LOD varies widely with camera: dash is worst, hood cam is better, bumper cam is by far best.

    In the dx11.ini there are shadow LOD values. I'm gonna go screw with them, then bark things up royally and restore them.. or maybe discover something useful.
  4. Try without crossfire ?? I heard many game has problem when crossfire is enable.
  5. Here's one (LQ) video of the problem.

    You can see near the end the shadows clear up about 50px from the bottom of the screen; useless lol.
  6. [​IMG]

    Here's my settings. I can go fullscreen or windowed in real time (which disables crossfire) no change, also overroad the settings and forced no crossfire, no change in vid quality.

    Also tried single screen (does change the point at which the shadows go from sucky to good) but doesn't fix the problem. Plus I need the triple screen settings (even though its buggy as all heck).

    I've got a good sense of humor about it all.. Just wish I could find the silver bullet.
  7. Here's a high quality vid

    See how the lines are sharpest in the bumper cam, but in the in-car view the "line" of the shadow is 2' across the track, almost invisible until i move the car, then you see those giant triangles.

    Nobody else sees this??
  8. <modedit: video has really nothing to do with this subject you are posting>
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  9. Actually your best hope is go AC official support forum and post your problem there
  10. Good idea.. I'll post over there too.
  11. Mark Greenall

    Mark Greenall
    Premium Member

    Looks like you need to up aa to x4 to me, try turning fast aa off completely.
    Doubt a triple screen set up is helping you out much either.
    Your Cards may be not working well in sync try in in single card.
    I know someone who plays assetto with a i3 2100 dual core, 4gb ram. think the graphics are hd6850, So its def not your system.
  12. Turning the Anisotropic Filtering to 16x and the Anti-Aliasing Samples to 4x would help quit a bit.
    You cannot force Supersampling on AMD cards on DX10 or higher, this is only possible with Nvidia cards right now, if the game itself provides Multisampling support.
  13. In Ati Catalyst: use application settings
    In game:
    AF 16
    AA 8
    FA 0
    Shadows low
    Cubemap low
    Face 2
    Cap 90

    In system[DX11]
  14. Dave Begley

    Dave Begley
    Premium Member

    This is a known bug on the official forums and atm the only way to solve the problem is to disable HDR on systems running dual video cards.
  15. HDR on / off didn't seem to make much of a difference for me other than the obvious blooming effects etc. No real difference in framerate and the app is not using crossfire.

    The major problem seems to be the shadow LOD. I don't think its adjustable. The best example I have (no pic at the moment but I will take one) is the drag race track at 6pm. Far left is the shadow of my car in incredible detail, even the hood pins show up.. but the nose of the car's shadow is cut off and the shadows from then on are 100 or more times less resolution.

    I messed with the shadow lod bias in the dx11.ini file to no avail; it doesn't change how "far" the good shadows are rendered or anything. I think this is just an unfinished part of the engine.

    One thing I'm gonna try tonight is to temporarily remove all my settings in the /users/ folder, drop to single screen and force crossfire off and see how it looks. I think that it's likely the oddballness of my setup that just hasn't been accounted for by the devs yet. I hope they DO take it all into account though, because this game has the ability to be a flagship demo of PC gaming if they do.
  16. When you say "this is the known bug" which symptoms are you referring to? I've listed so many. :D
  17. Oh.. i just read that running ANY apps causes crossfire to fail. I might try this out tonight too.
  18. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Anyway of stopping the horrible "slow motion" reflections on the bonnet cam view?
  19. Marcel vd Aa

    Marcel vd Aa
    AC Paint Guru

    increase the face per frame number in your graphics setup. Note that higher number decrease performance