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why this happens?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Eli-CRK, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. I have my project, and I want to add more ground, but suddenly I get this :( because this happens? :confused:

  2. Does it go away when you restart btb?
  3. i restart and ......

  4. OK, it looks like only a graphical glitch that is not going to hurt your project, are you using the latest beta version? I saw something similar to this in the first beta and it has been reported.
  5. BTW is it going to be RBR track? It looks very nice!
  6. is a version 8.0.3, with the beta version 8.9 I tested, but as it was only for one month trial i preferred finish with the version 8.0.3 and avoid problems.

    no is only for rfactor.

  7. Has this been saved in the beta and reopened in 8.0.3?
    I see the new road blend there and the glitch is only happening with the track. I also see a non road texture being part of the glitch, which leads me to believe that the road blend could be causing it.
  8. no, no, all project is working with version 8.0.3 and texture of the road is haywood XPack club.
  9. That looks like something that could be just your graphics card overheating or dying. How are your gpu temps?
  10. @ Ghoults

    No that isn't the cause of this issue.


    I already seen those kind of things, from memory, it's an internal error when processing & applying some vertex/face functions which can produce 'unexpected' events like this one.

    I saw the same when modding Shift 1 & playing with 3DSimEd, at that time, that was caused after 'purging' obejcts/mats...

    Hope that helps !
  11. the temps of gpu is correctly, 60ยบ