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Why no answers from support?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by andy4trance, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    How much time to wait until I receive an answer from GSC support?

    FIrst of all I expected this to be a serious developer, had good reviews on the forums, and decided to buy the game.
    Well, it just crashes to Windows after the config widnow. I own many sims, hadn't have such problems with any of them.
    And most of all there is no support. This is an internet product, I am supposed to have instant access to the product, I pay instantly, I also expect fast support.

    So, anybody at work at GSC?

  2. Your doing the good thing now. To ask it on the official support forum.
    They are always very quick.

    But try to run it in Admin mode. :)
  3. Instant access to the product? if that we're true, no1 would have issues, im afraid with PC's they are all different and for some they run into problems, it does happen :)

    also you may expect fast support, but the company is quite small and they may be off-duty. they also have different time zones, give it atleast 48 hours response, their support is better then many companies out there i can assure you of that :)

    all sim codes are different, some work extremely well on systems and on some it simply doesn't (also a factor of your hardware places a part)

    stay positive, do you use windows 7? if so right click and "run as administrator" let us know if that works, if not we're try and help you here.
  4. Ok, thanks Ivo and Scott, that was the problem. I works now. Still, a 24 hour response should be enough wherever the time zone of the support team.(especially that in this case a short sentece was sufficient to sort it out)
    Anyways, I apologize if impatient:) . Good luck with the development.
  5. How to change the steering angle? Its at 900 and as I have to run the game as andmin, I cant start it with the logitech profiler.
    Is there another solution ?
  6. Dave Begley

    Dave Begley
    Premium Member

    You can still change the rotation degrees in the profiler then run GSC as admin.
  7. It doesn't work for me Dave this way. Also changed the steereng angle in controller ini as they say in the FAQ.
  8. Knut Omdal Tveito

    Knut Omdal Tveito
    Premium Member

    If you can't launch from the profiler, then change the wheel rotation in the Global settings of the Logitech profiler.
  9. nope it won't work either. This should not be that complicated.
    You cant race these cars at 900 steering angle...
  10. nm
  11. What?
  12. And can somebody explain why RGC is the only game that has to be ran as admin? Is there a workaround to that?
  13. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    Don't get me wrong but I don't think you know how customer support is working.

    People aren't reading all the help petitions when they come into the office, they merely start pulling the oldest petitions and reply to them. That's a simple system called FIFO, "First In First Out".

    Sometimes it's being combined with priorization systems, so that certain keywords might cause your petition to be placed in a higher priority queue. However, just because "You'd only need one sentence to solve your problem." doesn't mean it's being handled quicker.
  14. Workaround for a workaround?

    What's wrong with simply setting it to run as admin in the compatibility settings, and forgetting about it?

    Anyway, it's definitely not the only game that needs it. One reason might be if you installed it in Program Files, which is a protected folder.
  15. To be frank, your operations model is someting which I, as a customer, don't need as a justification.
    Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the quick feedback on the forum, and so far I want to consider myself stilla happy customer although for the reasons described above I can't enjoy the product properly.

    My reaction came from my experience with software support at the moment of the purchase, which is crucial, and until now was immediate in all my previous experience. I'm in the shop pulling out the credit card, and trying out the good, the sales person has to be there for me and tell me all i need to know (so that he makes sure that he takes my money). Later on, when I am already acustomed with the software and have other issues, the waiting time can be longer.

    That's all. Thanks.
  16. Just to be clear, everybody who replied here so far is just a standard forum user, nobody involved with the game.
  17. Senad, thanks for the clarification, but I hope you see too how Tom's message can be misleading, especially that this is the developers official forum.
    Anyway, your note is another argument that my initial complaint was justified.

    Now to the important things: I didn't install the game in the Program files. I changed the setting you mentioned, (check the admin box), but I still get a User Account control popoup that blocks runing the game from the Logitech profiler (I run Vista 64)

    Thanks for the help.
  18. My guess would be to try setting the profiler to run as admin as well.

    If that doesn't work, simply set the wheel rotation where you want it in the profiler, and run the game on its own.
  19. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    Indeed. I'm not affiliated with Reiza Studios in any way, to be clear on that. All I said was based on my experience working for a different company.

    I do not claim to know how Reiza is organizing their support structure.
  20. Tom, ok, i got this, anyway Reiza should thank you guys for doing their job.

    My problem of running GSC from the controler was solved. After changing of Windows user accounts settings:confused: ) and after changing the userdata controller numbers in the ini files, the wheel rotation matches.
    All this should be done easier.

    So, going around Interlagos with the stock cars, great fun. The poor lighting in the game, especially (lack of) cockpit shadows/reflections puts off a bit in immersion (going to this after rF2).