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Why is there a difference in the colors of a teammate´s car skin ?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by The-Sheriff, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Hi
    Maybe some of you have seen this before ? – This HD fantasy team skin i have made (based on a HD Mclaren template) is not yet finished but even though its saved correctly, and all graphic files has been handled, it appers differently for the 2 drivers.
    The darker blue I drive, is changed or modified by the game into a light blue version on the teammates car.
    If you see the enclosed picture, its clear what I mean. If I change car to Hamiltons, which is light blue in the picture, then THAT car is the darker version, and vise versa. No errors in the skin, no missing parts or whatever, just a change in the color, the dark versus a light version.

    So it seems that the teammate car is lighter in the color or reflections is doing something odd. I do personally not think the darker is better than the lighter version, or vise versa, its just different. I can live with it, I would just like to know where to change it ??

    The car has been changed as normally in the Livery Main folder, and the specocc file is the also changed accordingly.

    The light blue version has some quite cool color in the rain, its like some "soft pearl" has been added.

    I dont have any light mod installed. Its a default Steam version.
    Note from Venom and his new upload of the Mclaren, looks somehow related maybe to my topic:

    Note: If you have the "Ultra High MOD LOD" installed, or the reflections of your team mate's car looks odd, Just copy and rename "mc1_gen_high_main.pssg" to "mc1_gen_low_main.pssg" and place in "F1 2011\cars\mc1\livery_main\textures_low\" There seems to be a problem with the McLaren's reflections when converting to HD. If anyone knows the cause or how to fix it please let me know please, I'd appreciate it!

    I would presume is something of a value somewhere in a file or ??


  2. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Don't know for sure but I suggest you have a look at the materials.xml for your car. You may need to convert it first to human readable format with the fergo bin xml program.

    If the problem is not due to a file then maybe the game knows its supposed to be a "low" texture so it lowers the gfx settings for AI cars automatically?

    Well, those are just some ideas. btw, nice livery so far, looks good.
  3. I seem to recall someone having a similar problem and there was a reason for it - I just cant remember the details.

    Im pretty sure the solution, or at least a lot of discussion is on a Mclaren HD skin mod thread - you will have to search for it, but i do remember reading about 2 different shade Mclarens.

    Sorry to be so sketchy with the details!! I hope ive put you on the right track.

    PS - that skin of yours looks great by the way!
  4. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    It is really down with the way the LOD is handled for other cars than your own.

    You can get around it by having the high texture copied into the low texture file and renamed low.

    And I'm pretty sure if you go into the materials.xml file you can alter the detail levels there.

    The in game graphics menu is the cause perhaps. Maybe set level of detail of cars in distance to the same level you have your car set at.
  5. That sounds familiar, I think that should work.
  6. I have this issue with mclaren...... maybe the LOD or the file materials.xml.

    Don't work.

    Salu2 - Darkness Knight
  7. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Maybe try suggesting something that hasn't already been suggested perhaps?

    That might be helpful.
  8. I dont' know, but I use the mod LOD (Accura) and not fix this issue.

    Salu2 - Darkness Knight
  9. Hi and thanks for replies so far. I will try both the HIGH copy to LOW and the materials file even though the HIGH to LOW has been tried by Darkness, simply to rule out the options one of the time.

    And thanks for liking the skin ;) the skin actually looks far better in game than pictures can justify.
    Cheers and Merry Christmas :)
  10. I have tested the copy high and rename to low. That has no effect.
    I have also tested if a 2048 low file for both directories low and high. So, no matter of the file being 4096 (high) and a 2048 the difference is the result, as well as if both cars are high and both cars are low resolution. Still a dark and a lighter version when racing.

    When I am looking at the materials.xml its readable as you say Ryder after a convert in fergo tool. Does anyone know which values counts for yourself as a driver and which value are for the AI Teammate ?
    I have tried copying the Body_Lod values to the top Body values, with no effect.
    Maybe its in another file...

    The txt file exceeds the amount of characters allowed posted here so I cannot copy the content in here.
    cheers peter

    EDIT: I will test the generic_main values to the top mentionend Body values, and see if that changes anything
  11. Have you got this set to high on the hardware settings config file which is in your documents folder. Might be the problem.

    <graphics_detail level="high" />
  12. @kevin: I saw these threads when googling F1 2010 and F1 2011 combined with "materials".
    I tried copy the mercedes materials file, no effect, but I can easily copy Ferrari and Lotus to test it. I will.

    @Nobby: I have it set as <graphics_detail level="low" /> Ingame I have things set to ULTRA. Should I set it to high in that xml file ?
  13. I had that set to high sometime ago. It was only after when I copied and renamed high LOD to low LOD that the mclarens where both correct chrome effect. Its worth testing with this as high and the LODS tweak as you can always go back and change back to low, but I am 99% sure that you will find this is what is affecting other car details.
  14. Thanks, I will try that out as copying Ferrari texture, Mercedes etc materials does only give some dull and boring blue colorscheme to the cars, still with one dark and one light version.
  15. hmmm... that high setting did not do the job either. I re-tested that setting was actually put there and saved, yes, but still no effect.
    I will soon finish the texture and upload it anyway, even if the cars has 2 different blue colors, one for the driver and one for the AI teammate.
  16. mmmmm...... strange =S......Thanks EGO Engine >:/


    Salu2 - Darkness Knight