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Why is the rule system so bad

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by Senna fan96, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. In F1 2010-F1 2015 Codemasters cant made a realistic rule system ? Are they seriously? You overtake a Mercedes and they spin you and the Mercedes get no Penelty ?? But you got one?? And why win the Mercedes Team every Race with a one two finish ?? Really ? In Australia you can say ok Mercedes Win the Constructors WC.
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  2. I hope the the ****** Mercedes team, Hamilton and Rosberg never ever win a race or stand on the podium in their life

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  3. I find most racing games are like this actually, the AI hits you and you end up with the penalty. It frustrates me to no end.
  4. DrDetroit

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    I hate the fact that I just did a Championship race at Spa, 5-laps to go I'm in 4th place (Marussia - I usually end up around 12-15th in the race and I have 1-point going into Spa), everybody pits because it starts f-king raining, then my crew decides to put Options on my car!! Had to pit again after 1-lap because I can't stay on the tarmac and in ended in last place.

    I want to kill, dismember and bury my crew chief!!

    EDIT: Oh, so re-ran the race again and this time Bottas runs into me on the last corner of the last lap and I'm DQ'ed - was in 5th this time, ending up last again! That is the most frustrating crap ever - I can't imagine how these guys react when this **** happens for real, DQed on the last damn corner of the last lap!

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