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Why i like this Game:Some experiences

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Bake, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Hey there!

    I read a lot here and in official codemasters forum, and all across the internet, and i was very sceptical if this game would be a good f1-simulation, since grandprix-series.

    So, i decided to give it a try, and i have to say, it was worth it!!!

    Why? Because most of the rumors and "bugs" are not true, or maybe i got a "clean" version!!

    .) Some People cry about the damage-simulation. OK, in original-game-state, it needs a very hard hit to even work, but with that first damage-mod (25%) its far better, you can see wheels,disc-brakes,spoilers and holes in the carosserie of the car, and it looks quite realistic! not what the say "ultra-realistic-damage-simulation", but quite good and with some mod-tweeking and/or a patch its good enough for me!

    .) People say, that AI doesnt make mistakes and drive like "on-rail" .... i have my settings at expert, drive with abs ON and traction-controll medium, and AI on Pro (before legend), and i see them crashing, spinning and fighting all the time!! even in a quick-race with 3 rounds!! if you dont believe me, just go a round on track of your choice with heavy rain and you will see (only hard-difficult tested...)

    .) The annoying Pit-Bug: first, i was shocked! i raced my first GP, 6th position, goto pit, and....LAST ONE! i searched google, and found a easy work-around till the patch comes: just dont go in pit when they say, just go a round later, so no problem!

    Graphics are just AWESOME on PC, and rain-races are completely eye-astunning in my opinion...you can even see the rain tearing back the car, very cool!!

    Dissapointings are the wanna-be "interactive-career-mode", with that annoying interviews and that much talking-nonsense like in dirt....

    But, to be straight: If codemasters brings out some patches who improve the worst things, its the BEST F1-Racer out there, if you are not the complete simulation-freak!! if so, go for Rfactor or back to gp4 ;)

    So, what do you think?!
  2. No offense mate but this game complete blows on the PC.

    There is no competitive online play, just a bunch of custom matches all with different settings, and one quickmatch mode that gets played, sprint.

    Quckmatch sprint sucks because the penalty system is a joke (I got a 10 second penalty for braking at Sao Paolo in my normal braking zone, LEADING the race...p2 rear ended me because he missed his braking point and I get a 10 second penalty for "causing a collision" - that is RIDICULOUS)

    And since the only game mode being played is quickmatch sprint, you just turn on TC and ABS, use the low downforce quick setup and turn your wings down, make 7th a bit longer and VOILA, a rocket ship.

    This game effing SUCKS.
  3. OK, i have to say, that i havent ever played online, so i cant talk about that.

    BUT i think codemasters will rework the penalty-system in a patch (because its really annoying sometimes...)

    And maybe some modders can get some competive online play in? but in this case it looks like you are right, it doesnt seem to be a good multiplayer game because the implementation sucks.
  4. Game doesn't suck , it's the online hosts that suck ;-)
    You can set every difficult setting aswell as having all 'equal' cars ( in performance) etc ...so actually the people who host these ***** games are to blame ...
    That said however it would have been way more interresting if there was a 'lobby' instead of these idiot choices you get to search for a server..besides that there isn't anything wrong with the game's possibilities online. (besides maybe having some more players possible)
  5. yeah i spent a few nights searching for some random games to play w/out assists on. didnt have the best of luck. Perhaps some scheduled RD events later on will work, but i think thus far they have been on Friday (i'm usually out).
  6. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    You haven't experienced the problems, so that means everyone that complains is lying, or that you somehow got a better version of the game than everyone else? No offense mate, but don't be so naive.

    Anyone that has played games for any length of time knows that bugs are erratic... they come, they go, some people get them a lot, some people never get them, some people simply don't notice them. This is even more true on PC, since every system is different and can contribute to the frequency of bugs appearing. Just because you do not see them, it does not mean they are not there. Personally, I would not call F1 2010 a 'bug-fest' as some people are. However, its does have more than its fair share of bugs and design flaws that should not have made it into the final release.

    So what do I think? I think you're entitled to your opinion, and I'm glad you're enjoying the game. But for me it just has too many issues at the moment, so I won't be playing it much until Codemasters pull their fingers out and get it patched... assuming they do so, of course.
  7. Well at least someone likes the game :p
    BTW, NO PC = NO MODS, And I support this game just like the topic creator, yes there are bugs, yes there are wtf moments, but hey it's a F1 pc game after 7 years right? very few here who looked on the bright side of the game including me. :) And I sure hope that Codemasters will release a patch soon dissolving all the silly bugs. :)
  8. Yeah I am going to have to disagree with this.

    The MP implementation for PC is just plain stupid. It's fractured into 5 different types of games, with 4 of them allowing assists.

    The problem with trying to play a casual pickup game in the custom match rooms is that every single custom match will have different settings, and there are like 4 menu items to wade through to see if you agree with the settings, and then if you do, you try to connect and get the ever present "connection failed" error message....

    so you can try to host your own game right? but then you are sitting there waiting for people to join, and then they are not happy with your settings because they don't like tire wear or that can't use automatic transmission or whatever...and all of this is happening without a chat function...so unless you both speak the same language and have microphones and can hear each other, now you have to send individual messages through GFWL...

    So then once you realize that custom match totally sucks for getting into a game, you realize the simple truth...the only predictable place to get a game is quickmatch sprint.

    so here is the reality of the situation if you want to get into a "flow" and play this game online, without waiting around all day and/or getting stupid connection failed messages:

    Practice Time Trials with ABS and Traction Control On, save your setups (which is invariably the low downforce quicksetup with a slightly longer 7th gear and "fast" diff setting)....

    Go online and race quickmatch sprints.

    Thems are the facts man - no one is playing pole position, or endurance, or grand prix mode. Unless your organize play in advance this game is an arcade racer, might as well turn on the "dynamic racing line" and use 3rd person view while you are at it.

    The game sucks.
  9. I think you're an idiot. Saying the game has good damage cos there are mods to tweak it. What about xBox and PS players hm? They can't mod. They're stuck with the ****ty damage.
    I'm not gonna go into detail on everything you say but basically, to you, if there is a way around bugs, a game is good, but to me, I like my games without these major bugs and not having to wrestle them into being what they should have been in the first place.

  10. Yet here you are posting in the forum of a game you say "effing SUCKS"; really!? Is someone paying you to come slam this effing sucky game or do you just get off on complaining. It would seem a normal person who didn't like a game wouldn't spend time wondering thru posts about it unless they were trying to salvage their view of it by finding workaround/fixes to what they don't like about it. Your in Seattle so start using US slang like "dude" and leave "mate" to the Aussies :) Now stop throwing fits and go take your meds.
  11. @MADscuderia: please, dont use this strong language, my post was not suggested to annoy you, but just to say "hey, it could be much WORSER" :)
    and yes, you are also right, companys get money from us, and leave us with unfinished products and mass of bugs. thats not fair and thats not good, but look around you: which company today brings a completely bug-free game out?! the problem is the publisher, not the coders!! the publishers set release dates, and cannot wait until everything is finished and completely tested cause modern pc-games are so f*cking complex rather than for a few years, and time is money!!

    and, most of ps3 and xbox users have internet-account at home, so why not update the game afterwise?

    dont get me wrong: i am VERY angry about todays game-policy, and i dont buy that much games anymore and i can understand all of you!!!

    all i want to say is, the game ISNT THAT BAD :p

  12. I thought Civilization V or PES 2011 to be pretty playable, don't you?
  13. havent played this games :)

    if i remember a bug-free game, i will post it here :D
  14. Bug free games don't exist, okay? Cos they're made by humans and humans make mistakes.
    But there's something different between a small bug and a major, gameplay-ruining bug like the pitstop stuff.
    If in career mode, someone discovers that in your 6th season, for some reason you get offers from Virgin and HRT after you've signed up with Ferrari, thats a minor bug and you can live with it.
    That's not the case here. We are talking about the kind of issues that any beta tester with an inch of forehead would spot, right away. Right in the first race. We are talking about things that completely ruin your fun, which is what a game should be providing you.

    So stop wearing the Codemaster's shirt, you don't work for them (I assume), this game is garbage and for the amount of promotion it got, it should have been a lot better.
  15. Go find the tallest bridge and jump off it - if you don't like that come knock on my door and I'll straighten you out. Moron.
  16. Wow! You still here! You sure you don't like this game, but at least you used US based slang. LOL, you tickle me!
  17. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    Is someone paying you to come here and defend it using petty insults? People that are unhappy with the quality of a product have just as much right to post their opinions as content people do. You may not agree, but that does not make them wrong or you right. It also doesn't give you the right to slate them about the fact they do complain.

    Pathetic. For all you know he's an Australian living in Seattle. He could also be a Brit, seeing as the word 'mate' is very common over here, not just in Australia. Your post doesn't even make a single valid point (or even opinion) about the game in question! Perhaps you should learn how to discuss things like an adult instead of posting like a petulant child.
  18. Go fixate on someone else "iF1Nut"...I am talking about the game, you are talking about me. Either get a life, post about the game, or GTFO and STFU.
  19. we are going of topic here all this figting stops now.

    every body ses how they feel about a game does not give any of use the right to start name calling and stuff

    stops now and get back on track with the topic
  20. iF1Nut if nobody complained about the bad things in games, they wouldn't get fixed. We don't hate this game. We like this game for the potential of what it can be, but we hate what it is right now. The more people tell the devs what's wrong with it, the quicker it will get fixed.
    Also this site is a community for modders, as it seems. If modders see many people complaining about something, say, too much grip, they go and make a mod as a temporary fix for it. If you want conformity, go live in China or something.