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Why does no one mention tyre sim not working?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by barca9, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. I mean seriously everyone knows fuel sim has issues but what about tyres? I always have no problems at the start of race but after 5-6 laps other drivers start to pull away and it's clearly because my tyres are destroyed by each lap. Ai Tool kit is great but could you also make tyre sim working - it's the only problem left for me:frown:
  2. Tell me about it. AI are not affected by tyre wear at all and this is a far more serious oversight than the fuel sim issue in my opinion.

    Why people ignore this but go on and on about the lack of fuel sim is beyond me!
  3. Both fuel sim and tyre sim are missing. Turning either off helps me a lot. I guess it is because CM couldn't programme AI so that they can get used to changing conditions?
  4. For me I found that it's easier to manage the tyre sim issue than it is the fuel sim issue. At worst I lose 2-3 tenths a lap due to tyre sim where I lose 2-3 seconds with fuel sim.

    Also could be that fuel sim is easier to create workarounds for.
  5. I would like to see CM fix both tire and fuel sims for the AI opponents. But while I can drive with fuel sim turned off in my races without having too much effect, driving with tire sim turned off is far too arcade'y. So while racing with tire sim on is a small handicap, driving with it turn off is too much and really does destroy the experience. I bite the bullet and race with tire sim on.
  6. Yeah I always do the same. But recently I started to use Ai tool kit to make AI faster and it is always great in the beggining of race when I feel that I can maintain their speed easily. But after 5-6 laps even Lotus can easily overtake my Force India. This is just so frustrating
  7. I'm sure I started a thread about the very same topic. :wink: