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Why does no one join other peoples championship leagues they start

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Darren Bentley, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. you're probably better off looking to join some already established leagues instead of starting one yourself with nothing but an RD thread to organise it. I'm sure there's plenty around, even for ps3 ;)
  2. You were so lucky to win your valencia multiplayer race you uploaded, or is it your just a tacticion if that's a word. Because last two laps then you win from 3rd was a little funny and guttering Xav Scuderia obviously dominating that race the ran out
  3. But would he have dominated if he hadn't have been on fast throttle the whole race?

    People do join Championships, one started last week and 11 others put their name down and signed up. You have to work hard to get this though Darren, people you race with on PSN and find them clean, decent drivers, hassle them to join Race Department, scroll through previous F1 races hosted by RD and message those that competed alerting them that a Championship is forthcoming. Also, don't give such short notice the event has been up two days I believe, it's not going to fill up that quick.

    To add to this what could be putting some people off is you sound very desperate on your thread, begging others to join. It may not be the case but when the host seams unprofessional like this, to me, I assume his driving skills, lap times and etiquette will be too.

    You chose a bad day for your championship too, as you should have noticed there is already one on a Sunday, so by hosting your the same evening you're alienating near enough every active PS3 member on the f1 2010 racing club. Maybe you should start hosting single races during the week, to gain interest and get people using RD more? Now that there is a weekly championship 12 people are forced to read the forums each week (i've assured this by making them confirm their spots online).

    Yesterday 7 people, most of them from the Weekly Championship raced at Montreal, if this turnout appears for other single races, people will sign up to the forum that currently just browse as they will then know the PS3 contingent is a healthy one. When they sign up and race, more will sign up meaning even more races, this will be the time to maybe set up another Championship, not a week after the majority of forum users have just signed up to one of the same evening.
  4. I've just had a look and noticed that you're holding a race on April 24th, there is the chance this could put people off.
  5. Yes i can honestly say, i been trying for almost a week now to get my xbox championship started.

    I tried different means, racing online and making friends, who are interested in racing once a week against clean players.

    Letting us know on here, once people see that some have joined, its more likely others will join and so on.

    Im up to 9 players now out of 11, its all about patience dude :inlove: peace
  6. Also you made a big mistake by setting a start date. You should have had it open dated, and waited for the event to gain 5/6 racers and then setting the start date, at least a week on from the date it was posted on the forum. If you postpone the start, people will lose confidence in you and may pull out.
  7. I haven't thought this through very well have I
  8. Also, it is probably best you read the rules regarding blocking.
  9. yeah sorry about that, but then hey you shouldn't have let me catch up but it was my fault, I need to get a lot better at Bahrain