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Why didn't you stop me...

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Bill Devery, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. ...from buying F12012 :p The handling is numb and uninspiring at best (IMO ofc).

    The main reason for this thread is to remind you all to be grateful and appreciative of GSC 'cause their cars are/feel great!
    (Now we just need Admin to give us some club races with strategy involved such as pit stops HINT HINT ;))

    Thanks Reiza.

    P.S. Anyone want to buy a cheap copy of F1 2102?.....Excellent condition, low klms, no scratches, all original, only driven on weekends.
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  2. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore
    Premium Member

    GSC needs better F1 tracks , what they have now is poor for for open wheelers ( F 1 ) .
    But I do agree it's the best racing game for feel out there .
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  3. Until there is a F1 race at Monaco, with a little effort, brazil stock car tracks are perfectly suited :rolleyes: , an imaginary transfer of F1 circus in a Brazil championship :whistling:
  4. Bill, you should've known better!:D
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  5. Yesterday night I spent 2 hours at velopark with F. Reiza, it was the first time I drove F.Reiza seriously trying to find a suitable setup, well, it is the best F1 I found in a game, not stuck to the ground all time, good FFB etc, just read the manuals F_Reiza_Engineering_Manual_trimmed and Reiza_Aero_Tire_Suspension_theory_trimmed for understand how much there is in the study of physic,
    This game is a masterpiece, and it really worth to drive F.Reiza and F3 in the brasilian tracks
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  6. Iam a huge F1 fan(I drive only the stock cars and the minis). So the only thing which real is not great about this game is the lack of tracks which are driven by the real F1. And it would be great to have one oval. Not that Iam a nascar fan. But an oval race is realy something special if it isnt to often. And with the identical cars it would be possible to race fair. But the F1 track license is ****ing high. And a quality track isnt made in one day. I just hope there is a guy who could convert somethings. GSC have to be recognized. Its a ****ing nice game.
  7. The main goal of this game is reproduce the Stock car and Mini brazilian championships, the only missing track is Cascavel that is in development.
    Others cars are something like a gift
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  8. My post can be misinterpreted. Those brasil stock car tracks are awesome too. My point is no critism.
  9. No problem, but, I read a discussion some time ago, that is not easy to convert track giving them the right grip, so if the convertion is not well done, the good feel GSC has, is ruined
  10. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    The only thing I'm missing in GSC2012 is a real MP4/4 skin. The Formula Classic skin is nice but it's not the real McLaren skin yet...;)
  11. This game has two problems in my opinion, one is the lack of known international tracks, two is the graphics aren't very good and because of that sometimes we are making some corners almost by instinct, we can't see them clearly. Other than that, it's outstanding. Stock cars, f3, f1, classic f1... It's a real joy, shame we need a lot of time to know the tracks lol The Mini... Didn't make any changement in setup but prefer the iracing's mx5, honestly.

    The other problem is i bought FVA, Netkar, GSC and PCars at the same time and it's a nightmare to choose what to play lol
  12. What do you mean via Instinct? I have never played a game with better Graphics than GSC. This is not a praise of gsc. Because I know there are better graphics outside. Like in pcars or so on. So is there an other "seeing feeling"?
    You see better? Or cant get your point realy.

    best regards.
  13. I used to play iracing for example in a laptop... Graphically it wasn't the best pc possible. After that built a pc for gaming and i can attack corners with more precision, every inch is clear... Purely a graphics difference. I feel a bit the same with GSC, it's not bad but some corners when they are still far aren't as precise as our eyes would want. Of course by instinct is a way of expression, just tryimg to explain what i feel playing it.
  14. I understand what you mean. Have nothing to add here. Just maybe a hint. But I think you already knew this: Track Experience will change the instinct view.
  15. F1 2012 is not a simulation, it's a casual fun racing video game with some realistic or semi realistic qualities (like granturismo, forza, project cars, some rally games, some mods for shift series, etc). If you are new to the simracing world I would suggest to you the "true" sims (I say "true" because the word sim gets used and abused wayyyyyy too much now that big companies are starting to use it to advertise their games).

    - RFactor (certain mods and controller settings can make it feel either a little awkward or completely amazing, so it's therefore less instant plug and play than some other sims but well worth it)
    - Netkar Pro
    - Game Stock Car 2012, as you know :)
    - Live for Speed
    - GTR2 (not the stock content but certain mods)
    - iracing
    - Race 07 (plus add-ons including GTR Evo, which basically is an add on but it's own product)
    - Turismo Caraterra
    - GT Legends

    For the future:
    RFactor 2
    Assetto Corsa
    And possibly raceroom experience and project cars, depending on just how far they go with the physics. I think both will DEFINETELY be in that middle "converting casual racers to actual sims" range.

    Most of those have different tyre models and overall physics engines, ffb systems, etc so they will feel different from one another, have different plus points and minus points over one another, have different "in your hands" feel over one another (due to the actual ffb itself), have different flaws from one another (every sim has flaws, no such thing as perfect physics model of course), etc etc etc

    If I owned an actual real life racing team and I had to pick a few of those sims for my team, to use for training not for fun, but as an actual tool, then by far the ones that seem the most almost industrial/professional like would easily be rFactor 2 (although still not even close to final release, the physics already feel amazing, other than some oversteer issues that are a little harder to control than they should be), Game Stock Car 2012, and Netkar Pro. MAYBE iracing aswell, but my feelings always change on that game, depending on the car, the track, what I had for breakfast that morning :) etc. Plus, Iracing started feeling so dull and lifeless after playing more and more of rFactor 2.
  16. FVA has 3 nice tracks but his F1 is "seat and drive" because there is the choose among, if I remember well, 3 setups.
    Instead for to have the better from F.Reiza, it needs study the manual setup. F.Reiza is also more challenging to drive and also under braking, also with high downforce setup it needs attention at low speed with throttle, FVA is more stuck

    Netkar is good but there are some small things I don't like

    Pcars, I don't have it
  17. I never drove an F1 car but already drove an F3000(at Abu Dhabi) and from what i can imagine the FVA F1 is the closest experience you can have of driving an F1 car. Really like the the feeling, the waiting for the momentum... It's difficult but not so difficult. I think some games are just more difficult than reallity and here i'm talking specifficlay about iRacing. My F3000 experience where i really tried to brake at the limits and so was a lot easier than my first iracing experience. Don't think reallity is that difficult.

    But, please tell me, Reiza has a setup manual?
  18. Thanks.
  19. Ya but I bet you were further off the best times in real life than in iracing.

    FVA is too planted and feels too basic compared to Netkar pro, I think Kunos made FVA easier because it was a Ferrari game maybe, it feels much less sophisticated than Netkar Pro.

    Simply put, it feels more dumbed down.