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Why did the car hit the grass?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by sorjon, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. Why did the car hit the grass? (collide is off)

    sorry for my bad english
  2. make sure "drivable'' is unchecked
  3. does not work, even if a "drivable'' is selected​
  4. What are you trying to achieve?

    • If you want the grass to be driven on you will need drivable checked.
    • If you are using rFactor and you car is 'crashing' into the grass and the wheels sinking through it you need to check the material name assigned to the texture exists in the .tdf file.
    If neither of the above, try supplying some more info and/or screenshots of what the problem is.
  5. I think that you not unchek drivable function from all tekstures
  6. All object where I do not want to hit
    are driveable.
  7. Help!
    I still have no answer to why a car run into the grass!
  8. you are wrong in the driveable concept i think.

    if you set driveable to the grass, you are allowed to drive into this surface so your car must collide with it, it´s the same thing for RBR driveable an collidable.

    set driveable only to terrain.... not to grass, trees, or any 3D object... they are non driveable objects.

    if you set driveable or collide to your grass, you must collide with it, only the road and terrain are driveable things in RBR.

    for tress you need a colum model for collide only with the trunk of the tree, it was explained in the falled forum.... let me look in my X-pack....


    you need to change this in your RBR trees to make the colum model.





    <RBRCollisionColumn x="0.4" y="0.4" z="3" />


    look for that into your default x-pack\Objects\Vegetation\Trees : tree01.xml
  9. But the car still run into the grass, even if I take check mark out of driveable point?
  10. upss.... there is a problem and i don´t kwon how to help you... sorry :(

    for some strange reason i can`t open any BTB proyect in RBR... the last week i change from XP to Vista, and it give me a lot of troubles, since BTB 0.6 i cant open any RBR proyect by RX plugin, for that reason i can`t say you how to.

    i kwon there is some troubles with RBR collide, but sure that piddy find the solution.

    please, give more information about your PC spec. and version of BTB are you runing.
  11. Windows XP Home Edition
    Service pack 3
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual
    Core Processor 5200+
    DDR2 2GB 800MHZ
    NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT 256M
    BTB Versio
  12. i think your problem is simply you don't have the correct object selected when your making the property changes. make sure you have the correct objects selected and change the properties. also, make sure you remove the hat file before reloading the track or else the changes wont take effect.
  13. Displayed again. Tell if I do something wrong
    Does anyone else have this same problem?
  14. Unbelievable

    Unbelievable how i was looking for exactly the same problem solution on the net !!!!!
    I have exactly the same thing !
    I cannot believe that just two of us we encounter this problem.
    As i was started to use the program just from first time i hit in this problem and it was the biggest horrible problem what i found , then i started to learn and build a nice stage , but the collision problem is still there , so is unbelievable that we had from first time this problem and nobody else encounter this ?????????????
    Without fixing this problem is useless !!
    It is just a small thing which must be just a click but ... other complicated things works in BTB so i dont know why i collide with all the object.
    So i searched for whole of internet after solution but nothing yet!

    I have not purchased the BTB yet but if so i dont want anymore ...
    I read that the demo limitation is just missing xpacks so must work like the pro version.

    I tryed some of obj properties in some cases the object was totally hidden , but i cannot even make one object to pass throug !!!

    So SORJON we are in a big mess here :)
    But people (Barbje_Keller,liquido,) let's put a question ... it is working for you to pass throug some object without hitting ????????????????

    I mean that i must be sure that is working the demo , if so than i have to find the solution into my comp.
  15. In earlier versions of the car went through the grass, but when I upgraded to version, the car hit the grass??
    I believe that the issue is resolved soon
  16. it seems to only be a RBR issue as i have not had that problem with rFactor.
  17. I´m going crazy rigth now about BTB and RBR... I reinstalled XP, vista, net frame 2,3... nvidia drivers... but notight changes... i´m not be able to open any BTB proyect on my RBR 1.2 patched.. but it works fine, RBR works fine... and RX plugin dosent work anymore for me.

    i can´t open any simple BTB proyect on RBR... you are luky to collide with the grass i think ¬¬ jajajajaja... sorry i´m very disapointed, i do anything and nothig work.
  18. did you guys try reinstalling the current rbr plugin stuff - make sure you are not using a old version of the plugin?

    I assume so, since you say you reinstalled .. but its worth checking..
  19. I reinstalled BtB, but nothing changed.​