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Why are the real wheels not in the game?

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by jibawakee, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. Why does F1 2014 use a modified Lotus steering wheel for most cars??
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  2. Because CM are lazy and working on the 2015 game? ;)
  3. This is a DLC, the team are working for F1 2015
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  4. That's why I refuse to pay $54.99 CDN to Steam, although I did buy every version since F1 2010...
    No true Ferrari wheel (or even just "close") = No money from me.
  5. It should have been 39.99 CDN
  6. So ... in 2015 there was 2014 version improved or much better?? An how did they know they are working on 2015??? thanks for the info ;)
  7. I will wait until it's 9.99 CDN... Or just skip it. No "close-enuf" steering wheels = CM fools don't want my dough.
  8. Just a question: how can you complain about the steering wheel? Do they work differently in any way? I haven't even noticed. Are there any more mini details that is not absolutely perfect in the game? If no, then it must be the most perfect game ever created.

    An easy fix: let's play that more than one car has the same steering wheel. Playing is what we do anyway, don't we? I mean, we're not actually sitting in an F1 car on a race track...

    Of course there might be reason to wait for next game anyway. Especially when it's so close between releases. But for me, I simply could not wait to play with the 2014 cars and rules.
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