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Why am I so slow?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Lazarus, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Just played on line for the first time and I have found I'm ten seconds or more slower than everyone else per lap, even without making any obvious mistakes. Is it my set up or driving assists that is slowing me down?

    Is everyone using manual everything and I'm just rubbish?
  2. When you go online for the first time the setting are switched off, you might need to reset them up. also brake assist will slow you down by about 8/10sec a lap. custom setups have helped me alot online also (some on this site...http://www.racedepartment.com/f1-2010-setups/). other then that try time trial and practise the tracks, your career car is slower becos it underdevloped no good for practising online pace.
  3. Thanks Monkeyboy.

    Yes I realised that all the settings were switched off so I put them all on - do you recommend keeping some off?

    Also break assist - have most people learned to do without it? I find it difficult to get the breaking right without it but then again my lap times are very much slower that 8/10 sec.

    I looked at setups - is it possible to have a customised setup for each track on online quick race mode?

    It just that when online the other cars I have raced are seriously faster than me so I must have something set wrong or not learned where the extra speed is.
  4. I keep all of them on when racing online apart for brake assist. Braking just comes with practice. Try offline Time Trial mode from padock. Choose a car and track and load into the pits, when your in the pits access the comp screen sat on your car and select the car setup option. (last option on the right)

    From there you can custom setup your car, (try some the setups from the link I posted) when your done save the setup and go out and practice. Set a time and try and beat it.

    When you go online select car setup option again and load your custom setup for that track.(custom setups wont guarantee you will win the race, but they give you a fighting chance).

    Other then that all I can say is practice, practice and more practice, Also you can try online grand-prix mode you get 15mins of quey free time to learn the track, sprint mode is full of idiots and is harder.
  5. Thanks again Monkeyboy. Yes the setups are helping and my times are staring to improve.