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why am I so much slower than others in online ??

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by Viktor Andersson, May 28, 2011.

  1. I started to play this game recently and I like it very much. But I have tried many setups and think I have found some good ones, but Im still about as much as 10-15 s slower on only 1 lap?? And it is tracks that I know where well as hockenheim and although I do very good laps Im still so much slower than the other drivers. I have no idea, but one thing for sure is that is impossible to drive that much faster than I do, what am I missing ? Is there something similiar like "Fast" engine in this game as it is in F1 2010 ?

    plz help :)
  2. Join the club Victor.

    There can be many reasons why you are so much slower than others online. I Have been at this for a while, yet there are many leagues and races where I am at best a mid pack driver and I am off at least a couple of seconds from the winning times. Every lap it really adds up.

    GTR2, like race 07, NKpro, iRacing and so forth are a bit more involved that F1 2010. F1 is designed as a console game first and a PC game as an afterthought. I Haven't played F1 much, but I am not that fast there yet either. I find the whole driving technique very different from GTR2, so that may have something to do with it.

    How do you compare against the AI in GTR2? In order to race online you should be able to beat the AI mercilessly if they are set to 100%. At 110% you should have some trouble and need to qualify in front if you want to win and at 120% the AI is pretty strong usually and it'snot easy to win a race, but possible. When you get that you beat the 110% AI regularly, you will be competitive in GTR2 online, but keep in mind there are some tracks out there where the AI is set wrong and either it's still easy to beat or so fast that I don't think Hamilton could catch them.

    I would use the stock GTR2 track for that.

    In case the reason is inexperience and just simple lack of skills, I suggest you read a bit about proper race driving and see if maybe you need some more practice.

    Some console games are very forgiving, GTR2 is not. Your line has to be as good as in RL and you need to apply gas exiting a turn as early as possible. While this is obviously the way it should be and even console games will reward that, I have a feeling that in "arcade mode" things are made a bit easier for you. I wouldn't know since I never play in arcade, but the couple of times I did I beat the AI so easily it wasn't fun.

    My suggestion to tyou is to keep on trying with the AI as a way of measuring your skills (remember: you can have the AI drive your car in offline mode. Do that so you can see how the lap is approached and how fast you can go) and just race online anyway. Eventually you will start doing better and you'll certainly learn from others. The way the AI drive, there is little to learn outside of the (sometimes) proper line.

    When I first started simracing, my only previous experience was Sony playstation's GT. There I was a god. I thought I was unbeatable.

    Then I joined iRacing and I got my ass handed out to me on a regular basis. Very humbling.
    But now, while I can still find the odd race where I am a backmarker, I win some, lose some but I almost always make a good show.

    Good luck.
  3. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    I know what my problem is, im slow, but this game is proberly the best ive played with all the options. i do a 1 min 50 round hockenheim GP in the m3 gtr standard setup im going to play around with this to see what i can get down to. What is a normal time around this track (proberly a 1 min 30 )
  4. Honestly, I don't remember what the lap time is at Hock. I seem to recall a 2:04 for me (with 2:01 being the Q time of the fast guys) but I usually race the NAGP mod there and our cars are a bit different than the stock GTR2 cars. For instance, I race the BMW E46 in our league and my lap times are definitely higher than I can do with the stock M3 car. I think our mods have a lot less grip and some of the engines are a bit detuned to make the league's cars more uniform.

    If I recall, Hockeneim with a GT1 car was right around that lap time but I really don't recall.

    But look at the bright side: if you take care of learning your line, get skillful with your brakes and learn to accelerate as early as possible and smoothly, you can only go faster.

    In many of the tracks I race frequently, I am now at a level where, while still far shy of the aliens, I know that gains of a full second for me are out of the question. I can maybe gain a couple of 10ths but it's more a fight to be consistent than anything.
  5. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Hehe GTR 2 is not F1 2010 Viktor :) Takes time to adapt to real simulator but once you get the hang of it you will improve fast.
  6. Just in the last few days, after fine tuning my G25 to death, I started racing F1 2010 a bit more.Up until recently I was much less than impressed and even now, I am certainly not crazy about it.

    One thing I noticed was the leaderboards: talk about fairy tales!

    As I said, I am not slow. Maybe not the fastest but I rarely suck and stink up the place. So I thought my lap times would be respectable, and in a sense they were because my first attempt at catalunya was actually a tad faster than the POLE POSITION winning lap time in RL. Talk about skewed results.

    But then I saw the leaderboard results and in one case (forgot the track) I saw that the fastest guy was something like 3 seconds faster than the number 2 guy. I cannot even imagine how that would be possible without either a huge bug in the software or some serious world class cheating.
  7. Get a G27 or some combo that has Clubsport pedals....pay attention to the racing line, practice and the times will come.
    I remember doing a 2m lap in Imola in GTR Evo's BMW 600HP car, yet these days, in a slightly slower Corvette my best time is 1m48.
  8. Mr Soprano.

    I won over 200 races online with F1 2010, but most of the driving aids were on, as I was near useless without them....DFGT.
    I think my best time at Melbourne was a 1m23.5 or so.......but most aids were on...
  9. Quick version.

    F1 2010 is not a true simulator. GTR2 is.

    Long version.

    I'll explain it like this, I can't give you an exact reason but I can say it's "One of those things" type scenarios, I started racing a long time ago now, when I was a wee lad, on GTR2. I never raced in Public's at first I came straight into a Proper league, run very well, and I was just a backmarker, as most new lads would be.

    Over time, skills, speed, ectera increased, had a stint in PT's, found myself consistantly top 5, then swapped to Race 07, suddenly I found myself as a backmarker again, drove Touring Cars, ended up top 5 again after a couple of months of practise, then started with the PrestoGP lads and I started driving F1 cars, and I was just a backmarker with occasional speed, think I had 2 or 3 top 5 performances in a season in a half, in short, I struggled.

    Then at the end of last year we went back to GTR2 with the GTR2 race club, it was a GT1-GT2 enduro at Spa, one of my favourite tracks, 2 hour enduro, and I got a podium after my strongest performance of the year (and at the time I hadn't driven GTR2 for a couple of years).

    That's my "One of those things" theory, some things your strong at, some things you struggle with. I've given up at F1's now and gone back to the thing I really enjoy - tintops.

    Backmarker, running top-3, it doesnt matter where your running as long as your having fun. As long as your having fun and punching in clean laps, you'll improve. It'll take time. Wont happen straight away, but as experience builds, you'll improve. :)