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White lines(not coke)

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by jimortality, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. jimortality


    I'm looking for help with white lines. Druggie i hear you shout! Not quite lol the white lines on tracks especially in older mods. Mine flicker and I'd like for it to stop. Cheers muchly.
  2. you mean painted lines on track borders etc?
  3. jimortality


    Yes I do mean that. More the modded tracks like Nordschleiffe
  4. a) if it's vehicle specific, in respective cam file under "LocalCam=COCKPIT" section (usually second) increase the "ClipPlanes=(0.xxx, yyy.000)" line's first value (0.xxx ; usually it is something like 0.075 or 0.175) as much as u can just before u start seeing parts of the ingame cockpit disappear

    b) if that doesnt help there is a global but more "brutal" method: in track's .scn file under section "View=mainview" theres a line "ClipPlanes=(0.xxx, yyy.000)" once again. this time just replace it with: "ClipPlanes=(0.50, 10000000.00)"
    be aware that with the second method if the track's object LODout's are not optimized you may experience a decrease in FPS though