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White line out of pit?

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Robin Johansson, Oct 16, 2011.

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  1. We in the Gubbklubben is a bit uncertain about the rule of running over the white line out from the pit.
    Latest on Hockenhiem so we kept inside the line. but after we watched a bit on the replay, we saw that almost all running over the white line.
    is this allowed?
    i small video ho shows what we mean.
  2. There's no rule about not being allowed run over the white lines in pit exit or entry.
  3. Then maybe after this championship maybe one should be introduced.
  4. As long as there are no incidents I don't see a reason for a new rule. Because once you have one you need to police it and check the replays. More work that doesn't bring much in my view.
  5. Fair. alot of the crossing of the line above are minor crossings and most people stuck to it, but there are those that are not really trying to follow the pit exit.
  6. I understand Michael, but some track like Hockenheim there isn't a problem. Also you can easily spot a car comming.

    Donni on the other hand has an exit that is far from great and if i recall correct no white lines :).
  7. yep, no white line at Donni and you end up smack in t1, guys will be advised to look to their right before moving onto the track (I use the map with blue dots, helps a lot in situations like these)
  8. I agree with Tom. I don´t see the need to add a rule, specially when the incidents (if they happen) will be reported after the race.
  9. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada
    Premium Member

    Imagine reviewing all pit exits =)
  10. That would mean 1h and 30min of your life would be wasted. :(
  11. 1h and 30 mins per car...
  12. That would mean 38 hours in total. :o
    It is now that you begin to understand that life is not worth wasting.
  13. Yor math is a bit wrong:)
    With a stationary camera, seeing pit exit from above, you need less than 1h30m to police it (time depends on how much you speed up the replay). But I don't see a need for doing it since any incidents get's reported anyway.
  14. This is a basic rule in motorsports and should be respected by us "virtual drivers" but it seems like there's a few of them that take it serious . . .I dont know why we even have a limited speed on pitlane, this should be all done at 200kmh its such a waste of time having to turn on the pit limiter and mind the Light and line that limit that diference between the track and the pit, it should be all the same - Being ironic! This kind of thinking is why I love iRacing so much. . .
  15. Same here Fernando.
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