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Which steering wheel?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Mark Williams, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Hi
    I'm thinking of investing in a wheel for driving rather than the PS2 controller I currently use. From looking around the forums, I know the G25 is the wheel of choice, but if the budget is less than the required amount, are there any other recommendations out there for less expensive options? My PC is isn't ideally located to have a separate seat, wheel, footpedals and gear change, so I'd like to try something less expensive in the interim and if I find it better, then think about a reposition of the PC at a later date.

    Any comments appreciated.
  2. i use a momo racing wheel, very good and i remove it always of my desk when i stop racing
  3. During the first year I had the wheel I installed an old "school child desktop" with the wheel and screen on it, and pedal and an old "school child chair" under for the interim
    that costed me no money (only the price of the wheel) and that was like better than joypad

  4. Whats your budget?
  5. I upgraded from a Logitech Driving Force Pro to a G25, and although I did make that change and won't look back, The DFP was a very good wheel for the money. Ignore the fact it is labelled PS3, it does work on a PC with the current Logitech drivers.

    DFP at Amazon

    Not sure of availabilty now though..
  6. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    dfp would probably be a good bet or the new gt5 one for the extra wheel rotation. dfgt are under hundred quid new. could probably pick up a second hand dfp cheaply tho id be wary about the pedals.
  7. Get the Logitech Momo Racing wheel. For me it was $62 at provantage.com and it's a great sturdy wheel with force feedback. Most definitely one of the better ones on the market.
  8. Go the G25 or a DFP if you dont have G25 $. Momo will only frustrate you once the pedals start to play up.
  9. Hi all
    Thanks for the replies. My budget would be under £100, ideally under £80. Second hand seems to be a good option, but risky if it's been thrashed by some kid on a PS. The Momo sounds good, although the last comment re the pedals concerns me a little. I'll have a shop around and see what's available currently.

    Thanks for you input.

  10. Well just to have input, I was well peed off with cornering like a *chump* with my station controller, so bought a new momo FFW by logitech, off ebay for under £50, had it 2 months now, still working perfect, pedals fine, steering excellent, force feedback intense if you set it too much...

    Obv G25 would be the 'mac daddy' but I'm well impressed with the momo.....:)
  11. I have logitech G25 wheel. Its very good for me.
  12. The new Ferrari wheel from Thrustmaster should also be worth looking into. Inside Sim Racing had a review of it a while ago. It seems pretty good, also good looking :)
  13. I have a g25 which is excellent but im thinking of getting a second one for the missus/kids (wheel that is not g25 lol) so i would be interested in hearing what you got and your impressions on it.
  14. I had a G25 for christmas and i LOVE it, but if your on a budget the Thrustmaster RGT Pro is also good still has 900 degree rotation and gear stick plus the clutch!

    If your on a budget i would say the Thrustmaster unless you lucky enough to find a second hand G25!
  15. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

  16. The only problem I see with that wheel is that it doesn't have a stick shifter.
  17. I currently use a Logitech Formula Force/Driving Force EX. It was way cheap when I bought it new, and while it doesn't have all the nice bits that other wheels have (like 900 degree rotation and gearstick) it does the job for me.

    ...However, that wouldn't stop me from getting a DFGT or even a G25... :p
  18. My wife got me a Logitech Momo for Christmas. While it's not a G25, it's inexpensive and seems to be a very solid entry wheel. I am quite happy with it as well as my wife's apparent support for my growing obsession :)
  19. I search a setup for G25. Any have it?
  20. Hi all,

    I am currently in the market for a wheel to replace my MADCATZ MC2 X360 steering wheel.

    I am looking for something sub £80 that would happily fit on my lap. I do not have room for pedals under my seat, so I pull them out, which also means a large number of buttons would be good as well.

    I have looked at the GT5 logitech Driving Force Pro, and drooled over the G25 (i so wish!) but anything else I should consider before I go for this wheel?