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which mods

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Baz Cutting, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Baz Cutting

    Baz Cutting

    hello guys been off race 07 for quite awhile n now guna get back into it.what are the goto mods these days for people?
  2. ouvert


    I`ve tried lot of them but somehow I`m sticking to stock content.

    From what I`ve tried after last reinstal of a game (january 2015)

    Fia GT3 by Petra .. nice looking, average sounds, bad physics
    GT3 2010 ... bad physics
    DTM 94 .. OK but too much grip
    Toyota AE86 .. good
    BMW M1 ... good
    Ford Capri RS .. good
    LMP GTC .. not too many LMP mods .. this one is probably best .. some sounds are bad, hard to judge physics but still fun to drive
    V8 Supercars .. didn`t deliver
    MP4 12C by SandorX ... solid
    all Prosche mods .. either bad sounds, physics, non good enought to keep ..

    Cart Indycar (Makcrop) ... superb
    MakCorp F107 .. Superb

    last two are must have if you are into OpenWhellers and are only mods I`m always installing
  3. Baz Cutting

    Baz Cutting

    open wheel hell yeh its my fav class.cheers for the info mate