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Where is the RACE series?

Discussion in 'Site Feedback & Support' started by Troy Bjerke, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. I have been away for awhile... butt... WTF?

    I looked around, but do not see the RACE series of games anymore?

    The forum section for - Racing Simulations > SIMBIN - only has GTR stuff?

    Please tell me where all of the RACE 07, STCC, RACE ON stuff went!
  2. Everything is there... :)
  3. Come on.... just think.... do we need to spell out all the game names? All the Race contents is under GTR Evolution...
  4. It's there... look harder and try to FOBY.
  5. Eric, thank you for the reply.

    I now see the "fine print" under GTR EVO specific forum - that says:
    - Discuss SimBin's RACE, RACE 07, GTR Evolution, STCC - The Game and RACE On here

    This was not always the case, and I do not come here everyday to notice the forum changes.
    - I've read many of your posts & you are usually much more polite & understanding?

    I think - YES - you need to spell out all the game names on the main forum list!
    - SIMBIN made a clusterxxxx of the series & what works with what...

    My original question comes from two things:

    FIRST - when I try to get my friends into racing, I tell them to go to STEAM and buy SIMBIN RACE ON.
    - they research it a little & the next thing they ask is - what do I need for the "X" mod or "X" track?

    I tell them again to get the RACE ON BUNDLE - but the next questions are always:

    Do all GTR Evo mods & tracks work if you only have RACE 07?
    Do all Race ON mods & tracks work if you only have GTR Evo?

    I don't know how to answer, because I have all of them... and everything works for me.

    I refer them here to read about RACE ON & look at the downloads & they don't see any info about RACE ON!
    - because RACE ON is not on the FORUM page & they are NEW to the SIMBIN series!

    The way the games are listed on the forum does not help clarify the issue.

    SECOND - they ask about events:
    - your events are clearly tagged GTR EVO - OR - RACE ON as separate events for separate games.

    Based on your terse reply - I looked into this further & see your downloads are now listed as:
    - GTR Evolution - Downloads for RACE 07, GTR Evolution & RACE On by SimBin

    However, when you click the link - everything says:
    GTR Evolution Tracks Add-on Tracks 110
    GTR Evolution Cars Add-on Cars 25
    GTR Evolution Skins Custom Car Liveries 1,013
    GTR Evolution Misc Various Files 76

    So the questions remain:
    Do all GTR Evo mods & tracks work if you only have RACE 07?
    Do all Race ON mods & tracks work if you only have GTR Evo?

    And the next question is - can I race GTR EVO events if I only have RACE ON?
    - I tell them NO, but based on your reply - everything about RACE is under GTR EVO so that's - YES?

    I hope you now understand the basis of my questions & realize - we don't ALL spend 24/7 here...
    - new guys need a few more clues...

    If you want new guys to come around, you may need to give them more clues.
    - if not... well, I guess your reply was appropriate...
  6. I had to google - FOBY (Find Out By Yourself)

    Really nice, helpful attitude - kinda' like saying - GFY

    Just what I need to impress my friends to join the online racing community!
  7. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    98% yes. :)
  8. Heh, sorry - I was having a bad day yesterday :D

    And yes, it's in the GTR Evo section. :)
  9. I think the logic behind the renaming of the forum section was that many people refer to the game as GTR Evolution, even with the bundle.