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Where is the custom controls file getting saved to?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Steve Adams, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. I am trying to find out where the sim is saving the custom controls file that must be created when you create a custom control. I have found the default control files in the 'actionmap' folder, but it doesn't seem to contain the custom one I created.

    Anyone know where it is getting saved?
  2. I edited the original G25 file to get the buttons mapped the way I wanted, but have you looked in My Documents\My Games\FormulaOne. It may be lurking in there somewhere.
  3. Yeah I looked there, but it isn't there. I also want to just edit the default control file for the Fanatec Turbo S, but I can't find the rear view I am looking for in that file. When you make a custom control, you have the choice of 'Rear View' or 'Look Back'. I prefer the 'Look Back' view, but can't find it in the Fanatec control file (it uses the Rear View) so I was hoping to find the custom file to see what the attributes are for Look Back.

    If I make a custom control file, I lose the ability to maneuver in the menu's with the D-pad and A & X buttons on the wheel so I would like to just modify the default Fanatec control to my liking.
  4. A quick look at the FanatecPorrsche Wheel file says "Look Back" is mapped to button7. :confused:
  5. Yeah it's not the same view though for some reason. The Fanatec profile's Look Back is what the Rear View is in custom controls. The custom profiles Look Back view is a lower view than the Rear View which is a bit more realistic although neither are possible in real life.
  6. OK - one thing you could try is make a copy of your current profile and keep it safe somewhere. Then replace "Look Back" with "Rear View" and see what happens. It shouldn't do any harm, although don't blame me if you have to buy a new computer.
    Or wait for somebody to come up with a better answer (possibly the better option).
  7. Excuse me for being clueless, but what program are people using to modify these XML files?
  8. Thanks so much for the XML editor! It made editing the control file a snap. Odd though I can only find Look Back in the XML file and nothing about Rear View. Still like to know where the custom control file is getting saved so I can see what is contained in it.