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Where is my Canadian flag?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Ron, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Ron


    Mybe Codemasters will get this...I love to play F1 2011...But Iam CANADIAN and there is no CANADIAN flag in the game every country but my country.Right now Iam running under the USA flag...I want to run for my own country CANADA.what is it does CODEMASTER got something against Canadians....one proud CANDIAN Don Nelles Wallaceburg Ontario Canada


    One pddddd off Canadian
  2. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Hurts don't it! I'm Canadian too and that is why i stopped playing this game. Yet they want us to buy their game.
  3. When you're being interviewed at the beginning of your career you have to pick your nationality. You choose "Americas" and then "Canada." I'm also Canadian.

    Greetings from Ontario.
  4. they don't have the Colombian flag either!!!!
  5. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Oh, silly me. Thanks for that. And "Hey fellow Canuck, whats up"! Toronto Is my favorite "Party City" in all of Canada! Had my worst hangovers there!:drink::tongue::D!
  6. I'm Canadian too :) Also from Ontario.
  7. Im Venezuelan :tongue:

    Cheers from Italy
  8. also canadien , home of the best grand prix and the best hockey town MONTREAL ! leafs suck ! ;)
  9. Canada is much cooler than the USA and you deserve a flag.
  10. I'm pretty sure our flag IS in the game...

    Leafs do suck, Sens rule. Regardless of what happens tonight. :p
  11. I have the canadien flag in the game you have to be in career and i think you have to click on other county or north amerca or americas
    to get it
  12. Lol! I thought Canada was a state of USA...
  13. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    AWESOME! there are more Canadian members here than i thought.
  14. Checking in from Western Canada. I have not played F1 2011 yet (I just bought it today and am now downloading it from Steam and the download is super slow). But I know the Canadian flag is in the F1 2010 version.
  15. Jake Adams

    Jake Adams

    In Toronto here, Habs suck they always will. Hey the Leafs are better this year though.