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Where is Audi's Future in North America?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RaceDepartment, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. RaceDepartment

    Administrator Staff

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  2. Alexander van der Woude

    Alexander van der Woude

    well, make an indycar engine
  3. Gary Jibb

    Gary Jibb

    Just too much B.S. happening in racing right now. Almost just want to boycott it for wasting our time, hopes and dreams. How about everyone stop spending 14 million dollars to have a single player throw a ball, kick a ball, swing at a ball or toss a ball into a hoop and spend a little bit on developing racing. What's happening with Drayson Racing and their electric prototype? Is that going to merge into some ridiculous racing series as well? Just throw it into some racing with some stock Prius and call that a merger.
    I don't see why companies like Audi or BMW would appreciate wasting so much $$ to have someone say "oh, we're going to get rid of your dominant class. Sorry".
    Just my thought.
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  4. Sk3ptik0n


    It does seem like they want to kill GT racing in the US, doesn't it?
    Even on the world stage, I don't understand the logic of having a series and not market it.
    Maybe there aren't enough gearheads to support it?
  5. RaceNut


    Unfortunately, there aren't that many GT fans in the USA. People I talk to say that it's confusing to follow all the different classes and NASCAR is so much better for the spectators - their words, not mine. There is also a lot of the "Made in the USA Only" mentality driving viewer's and business decisions now days. Touring Cars, Rally, GT, F1 are largely seen as being "Foreign" and therefore, don't deserve the attention. It's sad. I even see that kind of mentality in local churches - where people are told that they should do business with only congregation members.
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