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Where can I find Pedals?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by thomascats, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. Hello,
    I have searched all places on the internet for pedals.
    All of them coming with wheel. But I have already bought a wheel!
    Fanatec is not an option since I ordered the CSW and more.. - I will fly to my family in Europe to take this.
    I have limited Weight so can't buy the pedals.
    The only thing that I can do is to order by mail to my country.

    My Request is if you can give me some sites that sales only pedals, with out wheel.
  2. Hopefully the csw doesn't suffer from reliability issues,
    otherwise you'll often be visiting your european family :D
    but tbh: very jealous about the wheel though...
  3. I'm confused..why dont you want to buy Fanatec pedals? If the weight is an issue you can have them delivered!! or did I miss something :s
  4. I have the CSW, F1 rim and the table clamp to deliver- It's 13Kg.
    I can't take more.
    They are not delivering to my country.
  5. But could you not ask your family to forward the delivery to you? Using DHL or FedEx or something like that?
  6. and your personal luggage you take with u on the plane isn't that also a considerable amount?