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Where can I download tracks and mods now?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Astra, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    Almost every important filesharesite like (megaupload, filesonic, fileserve etc.) has been closed down. :(

    So, do you know any sites where u can download mods and tracks directly from the site?

  2. MediaFire is still up. You can download tracks from there
  3. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    Rapidshare is also up. There are more places to find them.

    The admins are working hard to restore the download section again. Soon, all will be available again!
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Wait a week :)
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  5. AleDriving

    @ Simberia @Simberia