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Where can I buy Project CARS?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Kimi450, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Where can i download it !!!
  2. i dont think it is worth now
  3. You are wrong, content will increase fast. Monday one new track and two new cars (one kart among them).
  4. I've seen the membership levels and read around a little bit but I've not found the costs.
    Is it a monthly subscription service or a single price purchase to gain access.

    It sounds very interesting and something that has the initial presentation of being a much needed solution for the more sim orientated racers out there.

    For those who have jumped on ship, any comments please?
  5. They don't reveal the pricing until you register, which seems a bit daft to me. Strictly speaking, you can't even buy the game yet. All you're doing is investing in return for a share of the profits later.

    Pricing starts at 10 euros, for which you get a monthly build. For 25 euros, you get a weekly build, which is where I'd personally recommend starting.
  6. yes! system for buy, is very bad! for me PayPal is inpossible to use, because my VISA Card is not in PayPal country list.
    and i not see another way to buy...
  7. Will C.A.R.S. be able on Steam when it´s ready?
  8. @ Lorenzo: No info available on that.
  9. Okay, thank you!
  10. Looooking Forward to this tho, in a big way. Looks Immense ! :)
  11. Just signed myselve up for a Team Membership in C.A.R.S today. So will start downloading this evening and then gonna check it. :)
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  12. Ok, so I've registered, and now I suppose I'm meant to purchase a tool pack ect.

    Please, Can members address some of my concerns/question's ,
    a) If I purchase now regardless of which level, do I receive the current up to date builds, and start from there?
    b) can someone point out the system of payment, which is progressive seems like (correct me if wrong) ?
    c) is Pcars a similar structure like iracing, pay as you advance ect ect.

    I can't seem to locate these concrens I have prior to purchase, and of course, a new registerent cannot post, or have I missed it

    I do appreciate your guidence
  13. a. With junior membership (10€) you'll get january build, new build coming to juniors first friday every month

    b. You pay once, get as member, play as long as game is released, then when IT WILL succeed, you get refund. Games going to be f2p, pay for tracks, cars etc

    c. Can't answer that for 100% sure.
  14. Douglas Aird

    Douglas Aird

    Next level up is team member which I bought into last week. It gets you weekly updates instead of monthly. :)

    With all levels of membership you get access to the forums where you can give feedback, report bugs and make suggestions. All the developers post regularly and it's great to find out what they are working on.
  15. Maybe not in Oct. 2011 but is very well worth 10 euro now!!!
  16. Wondering if Project CARS is going to be only a PC sim or will it also be available for PS3 and Xbox?
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  17. Not confirmed for PS3 and 360 but it is for WiiU.
  18. any one know were i can buy an account fro cars? Im really looking to play this soon!
  19. Peter

    who cares Premium