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When you watch a race...

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by R Soul, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Do you now spend more time looking at the barriers than the cars? Do you look at the fences to see how high they are? I do.
  2. haha, yes sir, after creating my first track, can't drive normal. On track watching/study so many things, how it's build, all objects, textures etc etc. though at some point I forget it again and don't crash all the time ;)
  3. Usually when I'm watching a race I rarely pay attention to the track. Obviously I have some ideas in my head how to make the corners a bit different or better in my opinion.

    I sometimes do watch youtube racing videos to see how certain things are in real life or in other sim tracks :)
  4. Sub


    I went 4-wheeling in Alaska awhile back and became obsessed with the idea of making a track out of it. It was annoying that i couldn't quit looking at everything as how it would look on a track.
  5. HAHA, not so much watching a race, but I cant play any game for more then 10 mins cause I see the way things have been done and I want to go experiment with it myself :D
  6. Looks like we may need to set up a BTBLine for people suffering from BTB Syndrome :)