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When would you use the 'Cruise' throttle setting?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Andrew McNeil, May 6, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    Just started a new career with Lotus, and the first R&D that I unlocked was the 'cruise' throttle setting. Was just wondering when would you use this, since all the custom setups I've seen on this site have had either 'standard' or 'fast' as the setting?

    Thanks for your help.

    DodgyAussie :)
  2. Mainly use during very wet track condition. Normally i select them where throttle is very sensitive due to the wet ground. It makes the car slower but at least minimize the wheel spin chance when you're throttling out of a wet corner.
  3. Are cool. Thanks for that.

    If you are using Traction Control - would you still bother with the cruise setting?
  4. Never tried traction control before so i can't answer you that. But i can assume that if you feel like even with TC on and on very wet condition where its really slippery and the TC doesn't seems to help, you can enable cruise control because it actually slow down the throttle input. Slower but at least you're not spinning around the track. :)
  5. Great thanks mate :)
  6. Cruise is also useful when your fuel light starts flashing with 3 laps to go in a race!
  7. I only ever use cruise when at Monaco in the wet or -

  8. Im not the most economical driver! Maybe I need to remove the roof rack, put the windows up and check my tyre pressures as I hear that helps fuel economy :D :D :D
  9. I'm not sure if it actually affects engine wear, but in case it does I always use 'Cruise' when doing the team tests in Practice in case it does.
  10. I use it for tracks that are notorious for high fuel usage like Valencia/Bahrain. I try to use it for 10ish lap stints
  11. You would use it when you have a decent gap and need to save fuel....
  12. Cruise control certainly seems to make the car easier to manage when it's really wet.
  13. I usually use it when I wanna save tires.
  14. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Pretty much as everyone else says really. If you are racing in a season it's handy to use if you are in a position in your race where you are not able to catch the car in front and a decent distance in front of the one behind so you can reduce engine wear a little.
  15. The only reason why someone would would get low fuel load at the end of a race, is because the driver has chosen the fast map setting throughout the most of it.

    Fast Map Setting will increase the likelihood of spins off, it will increase tyre wear, but will increase lap times.

    Standard Map setting is usually the one i use most, as it is a nice balance between the car been stable, fast and with moderate tyre wear.

    Cruise is of course a fuel saving, or tyre saving setting, i do not seem to understand why drivers would tend to use Cruise in wet conditions, Standard is usually enough and i dont have trouble with it, i suppose if you wanted to go a long time on the tyres and you have a hard time keeping it on the track then you should use it.

    The only time i use Cruise map setting, is in Monaco, if you have damages on, you really want to make sure the increased tyre wear does not catch you out, in times were i feel comfortable and the tyres are at a good temperature, using the Standard setting is suitable, it is pretty risky to use Fast map setting round Monaco unless your really confident with the car.
  16. Its funny because Monoco is the track I am the best on, and the one I am the most familiar with! Memories come back from when I was a kid! I got the PS2 for the first time right when it first came out. Damn thing cost over 500 bucks. It came with Gran Turismo 3. Which had this track. This is easily my fav track in the game.