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Wheeres the Feed

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Antony Snook, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. I was pissed off when ITV hit problems with the F1 broadcast being lost to SKY TV. Then i see i can watch TSN here in Canada hacking into the BBC feed. Then came Wimbledon that took over and Golf, now the stupid summer Olympics. I have the FIA web site and a visual as used on pit wall of the leader board. problem is a message board runs at the side. I never know when it refreshes and read over the same rants. I told FIA to get a ding sound to tell fans when to read. Better still use live audio. I cant find any on net and BBC radio 5 live is not licensed here in Canada. Can anyone help.

    In NASCAR SPRINT CUP you can get track pass and watch from any car and hear team communications. The technology is there so why dose F1 not do it

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  2. Why are people moaning about the sound of V6 Turbos. OK they sound off but we will get used to it. I race sports cars on my PC and the easiest cars to drive are lower cylinder machines as they are lighter. Big monster cars with V10 and V12 power plants look cool but handel like dogs. The F1 cars will be simpler to relate to if they are similar to your average road car, rather than a luxury road car that most of us will never afford
  3. one word. NODOMINATION.
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  4. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    Did I just hear the sound of floodgates opening?
  5. The races in Canada on TSN have been preempted as you have observed. However they have been covering qualifying and the races on TSN2 ... if you get TSN2. Another place you can find downloaded copies of all practice sessions, all qualifying sessions and all races (including pre and post race coverage) is on this website:


    word of warning, this site used to be free, but now they require an annual paid membership of $25/year to access the downloads. To some they might not like this, but I find value in it. There is so much content from present and past races on the site plus many racing documentaries can also be downloaded.
  6. :roflmao: Especially because of the aerodynamic efficiency of your average road car and the power of the 1,6 l turbo in every Toyota Prius...


    There's definitely a small leak already :D
  7. I've been waiting for my weekly fest of stupidity.
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